Why You Should Never Go On A Blind Date

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The dating scene can be incredibly difficult to navigate, especially of you are a little shy when it comes to approaching someone you are attracted to. There are many people out there who will simply allow every opportunity of a relationship to pass them by because they are afraid of rejection, or are just too shy to speak up. It’s usually after an extended period of being single that friends and family members believe that it’s time for them to intervene. They will confront you about your single status and loudly exclaim that it’s time for you to get in the game. That is generally followed with a description of someone they believe would be perfect for you, and who they have already arranged a date with for you. That is how the blind date is usually born.


Deciding To Go On A Blind Date

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Most people who are put in that position usually end up going on the date, if only to keep the person who arranged the whole thing happy. The horrible part about the whole thing is that the friend of family member who set it up usually reveals very few details about the person you will be meeting. That is generally a sign that something is really not right. You can also assume that they have told the other person precious few details about you, which means you will both be arriving at the date with almost zero information about each other. Yes, you could say that it’s similar to approaching someone at a bar, but at least there you know what they look like and can usually tell if they have been showing interest in you.


What you often find out is that your friend or family member has absolutely no idea about what it is you find attractive in a person. They might say that this other person would be perfect for you, but they are usually way off the mark. This makes getting through the date a real chore, as you are forced to spend time with someone that you don’t find to be attractive and who you have absolutely nothing in common with. On top of all that, you then have to be subjected to a horrendous question and answer period the following day, as that friend tries to get the details on how wonderful a matchmaker they are. It’s then that you realize that you would just have been better off staying at home.


Are There Any Positives To Going On A Blind Date?

As awful as blind dates tend to be, there are a couple of positives that can come out of the whole situation. It seems that everyone has their own blind date horror story, but there are a few that actually turned out well. Sometimes the matchmaker actually gets it right and you end up having a really good time on your blind date. Even if there is no real physical attraction, you might end up having an evening with someone whose company you really enjoy. That can lead to the beginning of a great friendship, which means becoming a part of their circle of friends. Once you start spreading the friendship net, you increase the chances of meeting new people. One of those might just be your soul mate.


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There are no real rules to going on blind dates, but if you insist on going, then maybe you should create a few. It may seem rude, but ask to see a picture first, or at the very least get a description of the person you are about to meet that extends beyond “nice.” Perhaps think about friending them on Facebook first, so that you can get an idea of their interests and likes, making it easier for you to decide if this is someone you think you will get along with. If you can’t do any of that, then perhaps work on getting your confidence up so that you can start to approach people you like, rather than depending on blink luck.



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