Why people love watching adventure movies

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While there are a few exceptions to the rule, the vast majority of us lead pretty ordinary, routine lives. It’s usually a cycle of going to work, eating, sleeping, and then repeat again the next day. Most of us believe an adventure to be skipping a day of work to go catch an afternoon sporting event, but even then we can’t enjoy it, usually because the fear of being caught kills any sense of adventure that may have been there at the start of the day ([intlink id=”1190″ type=”post”]how to discover adventures close to your home[/intlink]). It makes me wonder if this is why adventure movies have always been so successful. I know that I go to the theater to revel in the sense of escapism from everyday life, and nothing does that like a great action or adventure film.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseThe numbers never lie, and all you have to do is take a look down the list of the top grossing movies of all time. It’s all Raiders of the Lost Ark, Avatar, Pirates, Harry Potter, and more, all of which are movies that have an adventure of some sort woven into the fabric of the story. I’m well aware that all of the top grossing movies came within the last 10 years or so when ticket prices went through the roof. A good argument, but if you look at the top grossing movies taking into account the inflated price of tickets, you end up with the likes of E.T., Star Wars, Jaws etc. People like adventure movies, plain and simple, no matter what era they are made in.

There was a time when musicals were the order of the day, but those were at their most popular during World Wars, when people needed a little levity to take their minds off the horrors outside their front door. You wouldn’t necessarily want to be watching a war movie when the real thing is going on outside at the same time. If you take that era out of the equation, you are left with gangster flicks and swashbuckling pirate adventures back in the day. Even in the times when the country was in a state of depression, people still loved their movie stars, and loved to be transported to adventure filled worlds that were a good deal better than the one they were living in.

I really believe that a healthy dose of escapism is a good thing to have in your life, just so long as you don’t allow it to eventually consume you. Movies are a perfect way to leave your troubles behind for a couple of hours, and to live vicariously through the actors that strut across the silver screen. A great adventure flick that leaves you on the edge of your seat for a couple of hours will stay with you for a little while after you leave the theater. You want to tell everyone about the great experience you had, all the while forgetting the real reason that you went there in the first place was to escape the stress of your real life. Yes, escapism can be a good thing.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons license

I understand that going to see a movie isn’t the cure for all that ails, but it sure is a nice little tonic or pick-me-up. There are too many people in the world today who have nothing to feel good about. There are those that will argue that those moments of escapism are nothing more than a little dab of paint on the cracks, all of which will eventually show through again. My argument is that if the new paint makes the cracked surface look better, even if only for a little while, then get the brush out and paint. People are aware that their troubles don’t disappear forever after a good movie, but they do know that they have a place to go where they can escape for a while and just enjoy life for a little before getting back to the adventure that is their own ([intlink id=”1221″ type=”post”]top 10 most crazy adventures ever[/intlink]).

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