When Hollywood Attraction Turns Into Real Love

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We have all seen those steamy scenes that play out on the Hollywood big screen, and while we know that the actors are just playing a part, there are times when it all appears a little too real. There are times when simple on screen chemistry lends credence to the scene, but then there are times when the big screen passion spills off the camera into real life. There are countless tales of co-stars that have ended up carrying on the romance, long after the cameras have gone cold and moved onto the next stage set.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseThere have been these sorts of hook-ups and real world romances for as long as they have been making movies, but perhaps none resonated as much as the events that took place during and after the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The movie itself was a somewhat forgettable action flick about a couple of married spies, but the real fireworks took place between the two main performers: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It seemed as though the rumors about the pair started flying the moment they arrived on set, with both going out of their way to claim that they were friends and nothing more.

It did seem to everyone on the outside looking in that they made something of an odd couple. Pitt seemed to have the perfect life with his then partner Jennifer Aniston. The couple were regularly photographed out and about and truly seemed like the genuine article. Angeline Jolie on the other hand seemed like a bit of an oddball firecracker, especially in her time with Billy Bob Thornton. That pair seemed like the epitome of weird, taking to tattooing each other’s names and wearing vials of each other’s blood. Attraction is a funny old thing, though, and with each passing day on the set, the rumors grew stronger.

Fuel was added to the fire once the movie finally made it into theaters. One love scene in particular was so convincing that people used it as confirmation that the rumors swirling around the pair had to be true. Both of them still denied the rumors, but perhaps not as fervently as before, especially since the rumors had now also switched to the possibility that Pitt and Aniston’s perfect looking marriage might very well be on the rocks. Sure enough, the couple filed for divorce soon after, and within a month there were pictures in the tabloids of Pitt and Jolie together on a beach with Angelina’s kid.

The initial public outrage of what people perceived as Pitt’s betrayal of his wife was huge, but it seemed to disappear once the new couple was given the “Brangelina” name tag. It seems that people have their anger calmed by cute names, or perhaps there is more to it than that. Attraction is a powerful thing that each and every one of us experiences on a daily basis. People who are happily married can still have their head turned when someone catches their eye, although most can recognize as just an attraction and refuse to act on it.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons license

It’s not everyone that is able to turn a blind eye, though, and they will make the misstep of acting on their crush, no matter what level of damage it will create when it is discovered. Perhaps that is why people seem so ready to forgive and move on whenever a celebrity gets caught up in this sort of indiscretion. Perhaps their moral outrage is somewhat dampened when their eye catches someone they are attracted to who is not their spouse or partner. We are all hit by those sorts of attractions all the time and who is to say that one won’t come along that we won’t act on.

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