Violent Secrets

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We all have things that we would rather people didn’t know about us. It could be an embarrassing secret that would bring some real shame if it were ever to get out, but then there are secrets that could land someone in jail where it ever to be revealed. There are people out there who have incredibly violent secrets, which would surprise many of their friends and family, since they are often able to hide their real behavior behind a mask of civility and friendliness. Not all secrets are harmless, and the worst part about those that are violent is that the pain that they cause will continue as long as the secret is kept.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license Perhaps the most common of all violent secrets is that of spousal abuse. Raising a hand to anyone is never acceptable, but it becomes all the more egregious when it comes at the expense of someone that you are supposed to love. It is usually that love which keeps the beaten person in the relationship, as they will often have self-esteem issues that make then believe that they deserve the physical beatings that they are subjected to. Not all spousal abuse is of a physical nature, but the alternative is no less violent. Mental abuse where words are the weapon can leave a mark that will last long after a bruise will have faded. Being made to feel less than by someone you love can be truly devastating, yet people on the receiving end often hide it, all the while giving the impression that their relationship is perfect.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license While adults that are subjected to that sort of violent treatment have the ability to get up and leave, that is not something that is an option for children. One of the most horrific secrets that can ever be kept is the abuse of a child. The size difference between a man or woman and a child is significant, making it easy to overpower and really hurt a little one. It’s bad enough when the abuse is physical, but becomes all the more disgusting when sexual abuse is perpetrated upon an innocent child. Kids are shaped and molded at an early age, with the way that they are treated often playing a major part in what type of person they will become as an adult. This sort of abuse often takes place outside the home, with the children told by their abuser to keep things secret, usually with threats of more abuse used to make sure they comply.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license Perhaps the most violent secret that anyone can keep is that they are a killer. That can be something that was a one-off thing like a hit and run, or keeping secret the fact that there are multiple murders in the past. Think about all of the times when there has been a serial killer on the loose, and how when they are finally caught, their neighbors will all talk about how nice or quiet they always seemed to be. Imagine how hard it is to keep a juicy secret and then imagine the sort of dedication to secrecy that it must take to live that sort of life. It must be said, though, that since killers of that sort are often lacking in any sort of human compassion, keeping the secret to themselves is likely not that much of a challenge.


What’s ironic in the cases of violence like some mentioned above, it is often the victim who is the one that does the most to keep the secret. It is often down to fear, with the victim feeling that they will just make the situation worse by confiding to someone about what they are going through. The person who perpetrates the violence is almost guiltier of deception than keeping a secret, but semantics aside, there are altogether too many folks who are treated in a way that they simply do not deserve.



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