Unique Ways To Challenge Your Adrenaline Levels

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While most of us are quite content to go through life without having any moments that get the heart racing too quickly, there are plenty more people out there who actively seek out thrills. Whether it’s rock climbing, bungee jumping, or strapping on a parachute, these people live on adrenaline and the thrill that it provides. Those are all activities that I’m sure the vast majority of you would balk at, but there are ways to get the adrenaline flowing that don’t necessarily require you to do anything that would be considered super dangerous. Read on to find some unique ways to get the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing.


Prepare To Be Scared

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You don’t have to be a big believer in ghosts to get a real kick out of a haunted tour. There are many cities across the country that put on ghost tours in one form or another. Even the most skeptical of folks will admit to a little shiver or jolt of fear when they hear the stories being told. If that isn’t enough to get the adrenaline pumping, why not see if you can go on a ghost hunt with a paranormal investigation tem. The increase in interest in the supernatural has seen more and more of these types of groups arrive on the scene, and they are always looking for new recruits. I don’t care how much of a non-believer you are, if you hear a thud or a bump in a place where there shouldn’t be one, your heart is going to start pumping faster than it has ever done before.


The Need For Speed

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It’s pretty thrilling to watch high-speed sports on TV, but even more so when you see them live. Imagine what it would be like to be the one in the car as it hurtles around the track. If you live in an area that has a racetrack, or vacation in a place that does, check to see if they offer a driving experience. This usually comes in a pair of options, with each equally thrilling. You can either sit in the passenger seat while a professional driver hurtles round the track, or get behind the wheel yourself to get the race car driver experience. Another adrenaline-fueled experience can be found in colder locales that have winter resorts in them. This is especially true if they have a bobsleigh track, with some places having it set up so that you can take that downhill slide. The sleds they use are not as fast as the ones the pros use, but still fast enough to make you want to scream.


A Relaxing Yet Thrilling Ride

Traveling in a plane can get the adrenaline pumping a little, especially when it speeds along the runway for take-off. The problem with planes, though, is that the thrill tends to leave once you are in flight, especially when there is heavy cloud cover and nothing to see. One great way to get a real lay of the land, and a nice thrill to boot, is to take a ride in a hot air balloon. While many of you probably think of that as something of a tranquil way to see the countryside below, there is still a little bit of blood pumping as you realize that you are hanging in a wicker basket thousands of feet up in the air. Even once the ride is over, it’s an experience that is likely to stay with you for quite some time.


Those are just a few ways that you can get a real rush of adrenaline without having to submit yourself to incredibly dangerous feats of courage. Use your imagination to see if you can think of some more, especially since different things are thrilling to different people.



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