Top Ways to Get Over Your Crush Once And For All

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There comes a point in everyone’s life where they develop feelings for another person who is oblivious to those feelings. It’s called a crush and we have all had those moments where we see someone over a period of time and start to believe that we are in love with them. It often happens to kids who develop a crush on their teacher and is usually a feeling that simply passes after a period of time. There are plenty of occasions though where the crush is developed as an adult, but it’s shyness that keeps the person from revealing their feelings.

There are also times when the crush is on someone who you know will never be able to return those feelings. It could be a friend who is in a happy relationship or a co-worker that just doesn’t give you the time of day. Developing a crush is entirely natural, but what do you do when you know that you can never actually be with the person that you are attracted to? It can be devastating, especially if the person is a close friend and they tell you how happy they are that they have just found someone new. It’s tough, but you can get over a crush and here are a few ways to do so.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license 1) You have to start by simply coming to the realization that you will never be with that person. You may feel as though you are ‘in love’ but crushes mend far easier than the real thing. Once you realize that it’s time to move on, with perhaps a nice little cry in there for good measure, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the feelings pass.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license 2) That may sound overly simplistic and some people will still cling to their crush even when they know there is no chance of any relationship with the other person. What you have to do in those cases is try to change your routine to avoid the crush. There is an old say that goes ‘out of sight out of mind’ and that is what will happen if you steer clear of your crush. For example, let’s say that you have a crush on a girl that works in the coffee shop. You have to either go to a different place for your caffeine fix or change the time of day that you go to coincide with when her shift is over.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license 3) When a crush develops it’s easy to become completely fixated on that one person at the expense of all others. Get yourself back out there and make new friends as quickly as possible. If you have a hobby or something that you really love to do, think about joining a club where you can meet people with common interests. Not only will doing something fun get your mind off of the crush, it will also open the door to perhaps meeting someone else that shares your interests and who may in fact be a perfect match.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license 4) If you decide to get out there and meet new people, then think about treating yourself to a new look. That could mean opting for a new hairstyle or cool new outfit that you have been thinking about for a while. Giving yourself actually has something of a dual purpose in that not only are you doing something to make yourself feel good, you are also making a little step in the direction of a new you. It’s easy to sit and wallow in self-pity, feeling miserable in the process, but by taking that simple first step forward, you can head in the direction of someone who really wants to be with you.


That last step is perhaps the most important of all the ones mentioned above. It makes no sense to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. If your crush has made it clear that they aren’t interested or are with someone else, then that is not likely to change any time soon. If you sit around waiting for it to happen then your life is going to pass you buy very quickly. When it does, there is always the possibility that the person that would have changed your life forever will pass by in the process. Instead of focusing on the negative in your life, shake it off and start being positive.



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