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weird dreams

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People dream every night but they do not always remember their dreams. Sometimes dreams are built from remnants of the previous day’s activities and sometimes they appear to be very spiritual as if someone is trying to send us a message (interpretation of dreams). In some occasions, they form part of our psyche, trying to help us solve our problems and bring changes in our character and personality. Some dreams are just…weird. Here are ten of the weirdest dreams ever reported:


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Dream #1

‘’Sometimes dreams are weird because they recur. They are not necessarily “scary” but just very weird. My dream was set in many different places; actually it was never set in the same place twice. Sometimes it would seem like a normal dream and then I would see something round-shaped. It could be a hole on the ground, a ball we were playing with – anything that has a round figure. I would pick it up and as soon as I did it would start to grow until it took over everything and then I would wake up. It happened so many times that once I picked up something of that shape in a dream I would think, “Oh my God! Now it’s going to happen again….” And it would – exactly the same way.’’


Dream #2

Last night I dreamt that my boyfriend was giving to his ex-girlfriend some strange money. It was three 6-dollar bills. They were white with a red 6 in the upper left hand corner and in the middle there was a circle that contained 3 men playing very old horns. I woke up or at least I thought I woke up and I looked at my watch, it was 3 a.m.’’


Dream # 3

’I dreamt that I had mushrooms growing out of my head. When I grabbed them, they would snap like real ones do when picked up from the ground. It felt as if parts of my brain were removed.  Once all the mushrooms were snapped, my head was cut-off like a tree cut-off from its roots. When I woke up I felt uneasy and out of sorts.’’


Dream #4

‘’In my strangest dream I saw my mom as a flesh-eating-bat flying around the house and eating my brother and father. The interesting thing is that I have practiced a technique to “wake up” from nightmares by blinking; since I was the last victim left in the house, I tried using this technique to wake up but this was one of the few times it would not work. My mom was flying around me but she would not attack me, I was scared to death!’’


Dream #5

‘’In my dream, my wife had forgotten the baby in the pot. I did not notice it and cooked food. The food tasted like baby. I realized it and I wanted to throw up, the next day I could not eat anything’’


Dream #6

‘’I was trying to catch Santa Claus in a town that was flooded. Although there was a reward for capturing him, I was arrested for trying to catch Santa. Later, I escaped to the roof of the prison and the flooding got worse. I slipped and fell off the building. While I was lying dead on the ground, I saw Santa laughing and running away. Then I woke up.’’

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Did you ever dream about dreaming? One 32-year-old man did. He dreamt that he was having a recurring dream that he could not remember. His dream was basically dreaming that he could not remember the dream.


Dream #8

‘’I know that strange overpowers in dreams are usually normal but in my dream I realized that I could kill people with my right hand just by touching them. I was being chased by Nazis who could travel through time because they wanted my powerful hand. I used the wrong time gate and I was transferred to the dinosaur era where I realized that my powerful hand does not work against dinosaurs. I started running and being chased by many dinosaurs. I knew I would not make it and this is when I woke up.’’


Dream #9

‘’My weirdest dream was eating myself. Actually, I was sitting on a chair watching myself eating my dead self…’’


Dream #10

‘’I dreamt that I heard someone outside the window and when I looked out there was a life sized Raggedy Ann. Raggedy Ann made this crazy laugh-like noise and then turned and ran off grabbing my arms and legs. She was taking me in the middle of the ocean and I could not breathe.’’


Interpreting dreams and [intlink id=”1303″ type=”post”]evaluating their significance [/intlink]is often a subjective process. It really depends on what role the items in the dream play in the dreamer’s real life experiences. For instance, Santa is usually a “positive feeling” that we experience when we are children but in that particular dream the dreamer was trying to recapture something from her past that made her feel good relating to Santa, but for some reason she feels it is wrong and she ends up in jail. Also, Raggedy Ann dolls are part of many people’s innocent childhood but this specific dreamer grew up scared of Raggedy Ann dolls and thus she had built the doll as a scary character in her mind.

In most of the dreams that we remember, the things that we remember most vividly are the most significant ones. However, the significance of each item depends on the person’s individual life and experiences.


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