Top 10 secrets that should really be confessed

People are different in a whole number of ways, but the one thing that we all have in common is that we are carrying a little secret or two. For the most part those hidden items will be somewhat minor, yet personal in a way that we’d simply rather not share with anyone else ([intlink id=”843″ type=”post”]top 10 most common secrets[/intlink]). It could be a birthmark in a rather private place or a secret affinity for a particularly cheesy pop band, but usually pretty harmless. Then there are those secrets that are just too big to hold in without causing yourself a whole world of inner turmoil ([intlink id=”828″ type=”post”]how to relieve the stress of a burning secret[/intlink]). One way or another they usually end up getting out and it’s amazing how much better you feel if you are the one who reveals that secret. With that said, let’s look at 10 big secrets that probably need to be confessed.

1. A criminal past – There are lots of people do foolish things when they are younger and that often ends with police trouble and possible jail time. This is something that’s most likely to become apparent when applying for a job and hiding it could lead the employer to look at you as untrustworthy. It’s best to just be honest, whilst also showing that you have changed since those early years.

2. Sexual preference – It’s sad that we have to live in a world where people are persecuted for whom they decide to sleep with. That leads to many gay men and women hiding their personal lives rather than live in such misery. It may be hard to come out, but you will find family and friends that will support you.

3. Infidelity – Cheating whilst in a relationship is all too common, with a long-term relationship outside of the marriage being an absolute killer. If you made a one-night mistake that you regret, then it’s best to share it with your partner and hope for forgiveness.

4. Addiction – This is another one that can get out of control if you don’t share your problems with someone you trust. It’s best to seek help before you make your way straight to the bottom of the barrel, never to find your way back.

5. Illness – This could be everything from feelings of depression and suicide, all the way up to a diagnosis given by a doctor that you don’t share with others. Similar to addiction, illnesses can only be treated if you allow other people to help you out.

6. Children – Most of us have multiple relationships throughout our lives, and while most will fail, there is always the possibility that a child or two could be produced during one of them. If your ex doesn’t allow you access to the kids and you then fail to tell your next partner about them, you always run the risk of having an 18-year old show up on your doorstep one day looking to re-connect.

7. Crushes – Saying what you really feel inside is usually always the best policy, but there are still many people that will try desperately to hide their attraction to a friend or co-worker. Life is incredibly short, and if you don’t take a chance every once in a while, then it will be over before you know it. The very worst that can happen is that the person that you have the crush on doesn’t feel the same way.

8. Cheating – Everyone wants to be the best at what they do, but can you really claim to be the best when you had to cheat to get there? It doesn’t matter if it’s stealing the answers to an upcoming exam or something as simple as cheating in a game with a friend. It’s wrong and you are really only cheating yourself in the long run.

9. Lies and Rumors – We have all had those moments when someone has upset us and we want to get a little bit of payback. One way that is done is by starting a lie or rumor about that person that can quickly spread and cause them a great deal of personal pain. No-one deserves that type of treatment and if that’s something you have done and you see it get out of hand, then it’s time to step forward and tell the truth.

10. Parenting – Parents keep lots of little secrets from their kids, some of which are done for very good reason. One of the most common secrets is that their child is in fact adopted and by not telling it, you run a similar risk to that of the person who has a secret child. You can bet that there is a pretty solid chance that the mother is going to show up one day looking to meet the child she gave birth to.

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