Top 10 Secrets Men Keep From Women

If history books were solely written by women they would likely paint a picture of all men as nothing more than liars, cheaters, and fiends. Guys have been given something of a bad rap by the fairer sex over the years, but the truth of the matter is that much of it is actually justified. That’s not to say that all men are completely immoral pieces of trash, but there have been more than enough instances of men behaving badly for the negative labels to be allowed to stick.

Many modern men have learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and have taken the necessary steps to clean up their act. There are now those that are very much in touch with their feminine side and who will do whatever it takes to keep their woman happy. That’s a great thing, but before the ladies get all carried away and believe that they have tamed their savage beasts, they should know that men still keep some little secrets locked inside, far from the prying eyes of their women. Here are 10 of the most common secrets that men keep from women:

1. I Love You – research has shown that men are actually more likely to say those 3 powerful words first in a relationship, but the numbers might be skewed. There are a good number of men who have spoken those words, but actually secretly don’t really believe it. The reason that many men blurt out those words regularly is because they secretly hope it will lead to their partner being much more receptive to the idea of sex.

2. Split Personality – women would likely be horribly appalled if they took a trip to the local sports bar and watched their man hanging out with his buddies. Guys behave differently around other guys, with the conversation more often than not becoming frat boy and juvenile in nature. Fart jokes, football, and flirtation with the women at the bar are usually the order of the day.

3. Performance Jitters – there are many guys who are supremely confident on the outside, yet have a few concerns that make them shudder on the inside. Sexual performance is one of those and if a guy tells you that he doesn’t get a little bit of performance anxiety before the act, he is lying. The onus is very much on the man to perform and that can be more than a little nerve wracking.

4. Annoyance Level – most guys like to be left alone and free from drama for the most part, but they are willing to put up with a fair amount of things they don’t like if the girl dishing it out is particularly hot. A mediocre looking woman that nags has less chance of being kept around than one who is smoking hot, it’s just that simple.

5. Getting Turned On – this somewhat goes back to performance jitters, whilst also revealing a little bit of male insecurity. Men know they are supposed to be the ones that instigate sex, but there is always that fear of rejection looming overhead. What they really want, bit won’t always tell, is that they would love for the woman to get things started and take control of the situation.

6. Depression – whilst some guys tend to be babies when they are sick, the majority try to remain stoic and not let anyone know how they feel. That may be fine with the flu, but it becomes a real problem when depression sets in. Men are more likely to suffer from depression than women and even more likely to keep it to themselves.

7. The Honey Do List – women love to give their man a list of odd jobs to do, and while men always complain about those tasks, the truth is that they secretly enjoy doing them. Sure, they will gripe and moan, but if they let on that they didn’t mind they know the lists would start getting bigger and come more often.

8. Self Love – we already know that men are incredibly sexual beings and the thought of sex crosses their minds, in one way or another, hundreds of times per day. That often leads to them taking care of their own business rather regularly. They keep it a secret because they know that women automatically assume that there must be a problem with the relationship.

9. The Mother Touch – guys hold their mom’s in the highest regard, which may help explain why they secretly love it when their lady goes out of their way to nurture and look after them. Despite that fact, they all still fear that their spouse will turn out just like the mother-in-law.

10. All Things Are Equal – at the end of the day, despite their obvious differences, men and women both want the same thing. Women make it very clear that they want to be loved and looked after, and while men may not yell it from the rafters, they secretly want the exact same thing.


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