Top 10 popular dream subjects and their interpretation

popular dream subject interpretation

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There are certain dream subjects that repeatedly appear in our dreams, symbolizing different feelings and moods that find their way out from our unconscious. These subjects usually change in line with the circumstances of our lives, adjusting for the new challenges that we face and altering the structure of our dreamscapes. Here are the top 10 dream subjects commonly identified in people’s dreams:



animal dream subject

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Animals – their appearance in dreams reflects our primitive desires along with our untamed or uncivilized nature. Depending on the type of animal and confrontation within the dream, it could be a reflection of feelings of repression, or conversely, feelings of power and control.





bird dream subject

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Birds – they typically express hopes, goals or aspirations. They represent joy, harmony and love as well as spiritual or psychological liberation due to their low weight and ability to fly.





bug dream subject

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Bugs – they reflect what is “bugging” us. Bugs usually suggest worries, concerns, anxieties or fears.





body part dream subject

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Body Parts – the body represents our identity but has also been considered a metaphor for our spiritual world. In occasions where the body parts appear to be strange, it could be a prophecy of health issues.





colors dream subject

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Colors – they usually relate to our personal perception of colors and how we associate them with a previous experience, people, objects etc. However, each color has its own general interpretation e.g. black implies the unknown while white represents purity and peace.





children dream subject

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Children – the inner child may be resurfacing as a means of a past repression, perhaps indicating an aspect of yourself that needs to grow and change; they could also be highlighting simplicity, purity, innocence or an attitude of being carefree.





feelings dream subject

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Feelings – “nothing more than feelings,” or at least, they truly reflect what they are in dreams. They often come to the surface during our sleep because they were repressed when we were awake and they can help in dealing with complex emotions.





food dream subject

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Food – normally it is associated with ideas and beliefs that we came up with while awake and need mental digesting; in other words, ‘food for thought’.





house dream subject

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– typically it represents different sides of the personality of the individual that are reflected through the condition and the rooms of the house.





Kiss dream subject

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Kiss – if you are part of the kiss it is a reflection of love, affection, peace, harmony and contentment or a desire for romance in your life. However, if you dream of others kissing it suggests that you are over-involved in their personal lives. Waking up before being able to kiss someone indicates lack of certainty regarding the relationship with that person.




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