Top 10 Most Popular Haunted Places

top 10 haunted places

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Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you do or not, there are probably a few places you have been where you have felt more than just a little uncomfortable. Non-believers will simply pass off those cold spots and shivers they produce as being caused by the elements, but there are plenty of people who believe something supernatural is afoot. The fact that hundreds or even thousands of people report seeing the same things over a period of years should be considered a sign that something is not quite right. Whether or not these places are actually haunted by the ghosts of people who lived there long ago may be debated forever, but it’s fair to say that these 10 locations have had more ghostly reports surrounding them than any other:


1) The Stanley Hotel – The famous Colorado hotel served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.” The story goes that the author had an  experience where he heard the ghostly sounds of children playing in the hallway, which is something that many guests have reported over the years. The children are just one of the many spirits thought to walk the halls.



2) Borley Rectory – This is considered to be the most haunted building in Britain, with some even going as far as to say it is the world’s most haunted spot. The derelict building does have a tragic history, with a nun and a monk both allegedly killed there.



3) Eastern State Penitentiary – It is thought that violence and tragic death can leave spirits clinging to the place where they met their end. The harsh incarceration methods used here while the penitentiary was still in use may explain the horrific sights and sounds that visitors have witnessed over the years.



4) Gettysburg – The site of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War is also one of the most haunted. People have reported seeing apparitions in full military garb, while others have claimed to hear the wails and screams of fallen soldiers.



5) Savannah – While most of the items on this list are single buildings, the city of Savannah, GA. deserves a spot of its own just because of the sheer number of haunted locales within its borders. You can’t help but feel the history of the place as you walk the cobbled streets.



6) Edinburgh Castle – Overlooking the city of Edinburgh in Scotland, the castle looms large above the people in the streets below. There are all manner of ghosts reported in the castle, including that of a dog, which is regularly seen by visitors.



7) The Myrtles Plantation – The southern states in the US seem to have more than their fair share of spooky spots, and this Louisiana locale is just one of them. There are as many as a dozen different ghosts rumored to have been seen over the years.



8) The Tower of London – People across the world look at the British Monarchy as being very aristocratic and regal nowadays, but the country’s history is a little less shiny. Beheading and bloodshed were very much commonplace in the tower.



9) Woodchester Mansion – While many of the buildings have fallen into a state of repair, this English building has never been completed. Work crews have left the building screaming interior and no less than 7 people had mysterious deaths on the property.



10) The Parisian Catacombs – Under the beautiful streets of Paris there is something of a seamier side. There are a number of crypts and tunnels, where Parisians of old would dump the bodies of dead family members they couldn’t afford to, or had no space to bury.





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