Top 10 most common secrets

Anyone that says he doesn’t have a secret hidden somewhere inside is probably not being entirely truthful. Every single one of us has something that we’d prefer other folks didn’t find out about, although the majority of those are small little things that aren’t as horrible as we might think ([intlink id=”791″ type=”post”]top 10 secrets that should really be confessed[/intlink]). Having said that, there are some secrets that would be considered devastating if they ever got out ([intlink id=”812″ type=”post”]types of secrets that must be kept safe[/intlink]); those are usually the types of secrets that will have an effect on others if they were revealed, and it’s those that are the most likely to be taken to the grave if at all possible. Here is a look at 10 of the most common secrets that people tend to keep inside:


1) Infidelity – numbers show that a very large number of people find it very hard to remain faithful to a single person for long amounts of time. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise then that infidelity would be high on the list of secrets that people possess, usually because they are well aware that their relationship would be over if it were to get out. Even if the partner is in a forgiving mood, the chances of trust ever being fully restored are slim to none.

2) Sexual Orientation – it’s sad that people have to go through life hiding who they really are, but that is what happens to people who are anything other than heterosexual. Many feel that it’s better to live a lie than actually tell people their true sexual orientation for fear of all sorts of repercussions.

3) Past Life Secrets – it’s not everyone that has lived a life that they can be totally proud of, and even though they may have changed their ways, revealing the things that they did when they were younger can be difficult. People will often keep criminal records or problems with addiction a secret, even from the people in their new life that they trust the most.

4) Cheating – that word tends to conjure up images of unfaithful spouses, but cheating comes in many shapes and forms. People cheat on tests and lie on resumes in order to get ahead in life. It’s not everyone that is caught, but when they are it can mean that their life is turned upside down.

5) Illness – there are some ailments that are plainly visible to others, but there are some that can be hidden with a little bit of effort. Those are things like depression which people will keep to themselves, which in turn usually does nothing more than make their situation even worse.

6) Addiction – while this is something that could be tied in with #5, addiction can fracture a family or friendship, whereas other forms of illness usually bring about pity and a willingness to help. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling can have a negative effect on the people that love you, with the damage oftentimes done before the secret ever gets out.

7) Love – there is nothing better than finding the person that you love, but nothing worse than knowing that person will never be with you. It’s not uncommon to develop a crush on a friend or the partner of a friend. That crush can quickly turn to love, but if it is revealed it can be something that can destroy a number of relationships.

8 ) Money – there are a couple of secrets that fall into the money category, with people lying about their financial situation sitting at the top of the list. People will try to live large while secretly being in financial trouble, while others will downplay how much they are worth. There are also people that have secret accounts that they hide from their spouse. It can be done for a number of reasons, but it’s a tough one to explain if it gets discovered.

9) Personal Behavior – think about how many times you have seen a celebrity or public figure caught in a compromising position. While there is usually some sort of public outrage that comes with the discovery of such behavior, there is also a large section of the population that has similar types of secrets that they would better not have revealed. That may explain why the people that get caught are usually so quickly forgiven.

10) Hate – there’s a saying that goes that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. That may explain why so many people harbor ill will towards other family members, yet choose to keep it to themselves so as to avoid fracturing the family.

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