Top 10 most common bucket list Items


Whether we like it or not, we only have a very limited amount of time to spend here on Earth. That doesn’t leave us a lot of time to do all the things that we like, meaning that we all end up giving up on hopes and dreams along the way. It’s all about prioritizing what we deem to be important, and for each of us that tends to mean something a little different. That may be why the bucket list of one person is entirely different from that of the next (the truth about bucket lists), with some folks listing places they want to visit (top 10 bucket list destinations) and others going for things that are much more on the adventurous side. There are a number of things that seem to be more prevalent on bucket lists than others, so let’s take a look at 10 of the more common things that people want to do before they die.


1. Skydiving – When it comes to commercial flight, most of us spend a great deal of our time in the air simply hoping that the plane gets from point A to point B without incident. That doesn’t seem to stop a great number of folks from listing skydiving as one of the top things they would love to do before they die. It’s a total adrenaline rush for sure, and one of the few activities that you can do that truly makes you feel alive while it’s happening.


2. Join the mile high club – Jumping out of a plane definitely isn’t for everyone, but it seems that making love whilst flying the friendly skies is. This usually involves a furtive trip to the restroom, with the hope being that no-one, particularly the flight crew, recognizes that you and your partner are occupying the same tiny space.


3. Set foot on all 7 continents – Whilst most bucket list travel dreams tend to be about visiting a single location, there are some who have loftier expectations. Being able to say that you have visited all of the continents before you die is one that is very common among those that love to travel.


4. Attend a major sporting event – This is one that is usually reserved for the guys, although ladies aren’t shy about having this dream either. We are not talking about ordinary games here, but rather things like the Super Bowl, the World Cup Final, or Game 7 of a championship series. That tickets for those sorts of events are hard to come by so this makes it tough to achieve.


5. Swim with dolphins – There is something about those beautiful creatures that makes even the most water fearing person want to strap on a wetsuit and get in there with them. It may seem like an odd wish for some folks, but it’s not as odd as those that want to get in the water with sharks.


6. Meet a hero – We all have someone that has inspired us throughout our lives, be it a world leader, musician or sports figure, and to be able to meet them and let them know the effect that they have had on us would be something that would make life complete for many.


7. Bungee jump – Another one for the daredevils, only this time instead of jumping out of an airplane, this involves leaping off of bridges with nothing more than a sturdy piece of elastic tied round the ankles. The main hope her is that you will bounce back up once you have reached the end of your rope.


8. Run a marathon – We think nothing of driving 26 miles in our car, but the thought of going that same distance on foot is enough to put the fear of God into anyone. Completing a marathon is high on the bucket lists of many simply because it is actually a pretty amazing feat of athleticism.


9. Travel first class – This experience isn’t just restricted to getting one of the big seats up near the front of the plane, and usually extends to booking a high-priced suite at the hotel and living like a King or Queen for the duration of the vacation.


10. Write a book – It’s not everyone who thinks about writing, yet an extraordinary number of people have a dream of seeing themselves in print. The digital world has made it much easier to self-publish, but the folks who have this on their bucket list usually dream of having an actual book with their name on it.

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