Top 10 Ideas For A Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list

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Making it through the dreary winter months can be tough to do, but you can look forward to the sunshine by thinking about what you might do when summer eventually does roll around. Rather than sitting and staring out the window at the miserable weather, get a pen and paper out and start thinking about some bucket list ideas that are perfect for summer. These don’t have to be things that involve expensive trips abroad to sunny locales, and can in fact be relatively cheap, simple things that you can get up to close to home. Let’s take a look at some ideas that might make your summer months even brighter than normal.


1) Head to the farmers market – why spend your grocery time stuck indoors at the supermarket when you can all your produce fresh at the local farmer’s market. If you don’t have one in your town, search online as there is sure to be one nearby.




yard sale

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2) Have a yard sale – if you have done all your spring cleaning and have a bunch of old junk still lying around, put together a yard sale where you can get rid of it and make a few dollars in the process.




3) Go to yard sales – summer weekends are when most people set up shop in their driveway and sell off all their junk. It has often been said that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. So why not head out to the surrounding neighborhoods and see if you can pick yourself up a bargain. It’s certainly sure to be a whole lot cheaper than going to the mall.




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4) Dip your feet in the ocean – if you are lucky enough to live near the coastline, make sure to take at least one day during the summer to go have a little fun in the sand. If you are not that close, then load up the car and head out on a road trip to the coast. There is nothing quite like relaxing in the sun, while the water gets your toes a little wet.




family barbeque

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5) Have a family BBQ – nothing says summer quite like lighting up the backyard barbecue and whipping up some burgers. Make a point of inviting the entire family over so that you can all catch up over a burger and some beers.




6) Throw a block party – it’s amazing how many people live in neighborhoods where they barely know the people living next door. There is no better way to bring a community together than throwing a fun block party where everyone can mix and mingle. Bring the barbecue out front, crank up the tunes, and get out there and make some new friends in your neighborhood.




7) Plant a flower garden – if you are tired of looking at your same tired old garden, why not spruce it up with a splash of color? Even if you don’t have a ton of space to work with, you can still put together some nice little planters that can create a splash of color that is suitable for summer.




8) Go for a picnic – the local park is a fantastic place to spend a hot day in the summer. Rather than having to come home early or spend a fortune on food at a restaurant near the park, pack a picnic that you can enjoy with the kids or your friends.




9) Go to a ball game – the summer months are when baseball season is in full swing. You don’t have to be a huge fan of the game to have a fun time at the ballpark. Just grab a beer and a hot dog and get ready to sing during the 7th inning stretch.




10) Go camping – even the biggest cities in the world have acres of empty countryside sitting just outside the city limits. Pack up the tent, leave the electronics at home, and head into the country for a few days. There really is no better way to relax than toasting marshmallows around a roaring campfire.





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