Top 10 Ideas For A Couple’s Bucket List


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There are a couple of common misconceptions that regularly come into play when people think about bucket lists. The most obvious of those is that making the list and starting to check the items off is something that shouldn’t be done until much later in life or when you are told you only have a set amount of time to live. The other is that your list must contain nothing but items that you want to do on your own. Sure, there may be some things that are personal and which might be better done without any help, but there are plenty more that could be a lot more fun with someone else tagging along. Let’s take a look at a few things that might end up on the bucket list of a happy couple:


1) Get re-married – many couples choose to have a small wedding for any number of reasons, with money often playing a major part. Adding a renewal of vows to your couples bucket list is a great way to have the wedding day that you really wanted in the first place, or it could just be a way to show each other how much you both still love each other.




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2) Go to a drive-in movie – movie dates are pretty common among couples, but the drive-in movie theater is an option that is quickly disappearing. It’s a romantic way to take in a flick, so why not find a theater that is close to you and do watch a movie under the stars before the chance to do so disappears forever.




3) Get matching tattoos – it used to be that body art was something that was only seen on people of shady character, but it’s now so popular as to almost be just about completely socially acceptable. Why not go together and get a tattoo that symbolizes something about your love for one another.





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4) Make out in the rain – Hollywood romance movies usually end up with the main couple kissing passionately in a torrential downpour. Most of us duck for cover in those situations, but take the time to have a Hollywood style make out session the next time the clouds let loose their load.




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5) Start a family – most couples think about having kids when they decide to tie the knot, but when it doesn’t happen right away, many simply give up. If you can’t have a child the natural way, think about adopting a child who would love to be a part of your life.




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6) Go on a romantic cruise – as a couple, you are likely to go on a number of trips together, but there are none as romantic as a cruise. Book a cabin that has a balcony and then sit together each night and watch the sunset while you hold hands.




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7) Learn how to dance – there are likely to be many events that you will have to attend together where music is played. Take dance lessons together and surprise everyone by showing them how it’s done on the dance floor.





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8) Say “I love you” every day – too many couples take each other for granted after being together for a while. Promise to tell each other how in love you are each and every day.




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9) Make each other’s dreams come true – everyone has that one thing that they would really love to do before they die. Help your partner achieve that dream and expect that they do the same in return for you.




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10) Stay in bed all day – this doesn’t mean that you have to spend the entire day being frisky, but rather just a day spent relaxing. Maybe put on a few DVD’s and order food that you can nibble on in bed. Of course, if you want to nibble on each other too, then that’s fine.






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