Top 10 Ghost Stories

You often hear it said that truth is stranger than fiction, and with ghost stories that is often very much the truth. There are places around the world that seem to be filled with paranormal activity that is experienced by many different people when they visit. It would be easy to brush off one of these tales as nothing more than the ramblings of an overactive imagination, but when the same stories are told over and over again, it can be enough to make the most skeptical of people start to think that there might be something to the whole ghost theory. It’s hard to say how many of those real experiences inspired famous fictional tales in books and movies, but you have to imagine that a few on this list were:


1) The Shining by Stephen King – This is one that definitely was inspired by real events. Mr. King experienced some paranormal activity while staying at the legendary Stanley Hotel in Colorado. The sounds of ghostly children inspire the king of horror to pen this creepy tale.





2) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving – The headless horseman may very well be one of the most iconic ghosts in literature. Even people unfamiliar with the details of this story know all about the horseman.





3) A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – While not necessarily considered to be a true tale of terror, this one has to make the list since the three ghosts in the story are integral to the entire plot.





4) The Sixth Sense – Most creepy tales are woven with the ghost figure hinted at or seen in fleeting glimpses. This movie bucked that trend entirely, with one of the main characters actually being a ghost, without anyone watching being aware of the fact until the stunning conclusion.





5) Hamlet by William Shakespeare – You often imagine that a person regularly talking to a ghost may have completely lost his mind, but in hamlet, the titular character looks to the spirit of his dead father for guidance.





6) The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe – You could basically choose any title from Poe’s extensive library if you wanted a scar, but there is something about The Raven that is just a little bit more unsettling than the rest.





7) The Changeling – This little gem went pretty much unseen by the viewing public, but is a ghost story for the ages. It includes a scene with a nondescript looking child’s toy that sends shivers up the spine with every viewing.





8) The Amityville Horror -This is another one that was based on “true” events experienced by the Lutz family in their new dream home. Whilst many of the claims have been seriously debunked over the years, it’s still an eerily great story.





9) Paranormal Activity – What can you do with a tiny little budget and a couple of completely unknown actors? You can create a movie that tells a ghost story that is one for the ages. It relies more on paranoia and a perfect use of sound to create the creep factor.





Steve Volk

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10) Fringe-ology by Steve Volk – Not a ghost story, but rather an investigative book that looks into the whole ghost phenomenon. The author goes in as something of a skeptic and comes out completely changed at the end.





Whenever you put together a list of this type, it is always a subjective collection based on the opinion of the writer. If there is a ghost story that you think is missing, please feel free to comment below and let us know the tale that makes the gooseflesh break out on you.



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