Top 10 coolest stories from the sports world

Sports are great for a number of different reasons, with the entertainment that they provide securely at the top of the list. They also tend to create great moments that provide talking points for fans and pundits in the days and weeks that follow. Those can sometimes end up in heated discussions with fans from one side debating individual plays and players with their opposing sides, but it’s usually all just in good fun. What sports do is get the heart racing and bring out passionate outbursts from even the most even keeled people in the world. They have a way of thrilling us and providing memories that will oftentimes get some people through a particularly rough day. That makes compiling any sort of sports top 10 particularly difficult as there is usually a loser on the opposite end of a great performance. The best moments though are those that can make the ones on the losing side admit that what they just saw was something really special. With all that said, here are some of the coolest stories in sports history:

1. Jackie Robinson – sports have a way of bringing people of all creeds, colors, and races together, but it wasn’t always that way. This was particularly true in baseball, where the attitude of the game very much matched that of society back in the day. That included blacks and whites not playing together until 1947 when Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to sign a professional major league contract.


2. Wayne Gretzky – The story of how little Wayne practiced his skating and stick handling skills in a backyard hockey rink built by his father are legendary. The fruits if that labor are there to be seen throughout his amazing career, but perhaps none more than the record he set on Dec. 30, 1981. That was the night that Mr. Gretzky scored his 50th goal of the season in just 39 games, a record that is likely to stand forever.


3. Lou Gehrig – It may seem hard to imagine a story about a famous baseball player who ended up having a crippling disease named after him as cool, but the way in which he handled it truly was. Back in 1939, Lou Gehrig stood before 60,00 adoring fans to address the stories of his illness and went on to proclaim himself “the luckiest man on the face of the Earth” and all because he got to play the game that he so loved.


4. Kerri Strug – Olympic athletes train their entire lives to take part in an event that only comes around every 4 years. It’s no real surprise then that some of the coolest stories in sports come during the Olympics. Miss Strug had one of those moments when, on a badly sprained ankle, she performed a miraculous vault that assured the US team of gold.


5. Brett Favre – The QB known for his tough play and gun slinging attitude may have tarnished his legacy a little at the tail end of his career, but no-one will ever forget his amazing story during a Monday night game back in 2003. The day after the untimely passing of his father, Favre strapped on the Packers uniform and played the game of his life, throwing for 399 yards and 5 TD’s.


6. 1980 US Hockey Team – While we are all used to seeing the pro’s play in the Olympics nowadays, it wasn’t always the case. Back in 1980 the only real equivalent of a pro team was the Soviet hockey squad, the majority of which made up the dominant Red Army team. Seriously outgunned, the US somehow managed to knock of the Soviets 4-3 before going on to beat Finland for the gold in a game that is now commonly known as the ‘Miracle On Ice.’


7. Tiger Woods – Like Wayne Gretzky before him, Tiger was a kid that always seemed destined for greatness thanks to strong leadership from his father. His crowning glory came in 1997 when, at the tender age of 21, he absolutely destroyed the rest of the starters at The Master’s.


8. Pele – If you know anything about the greatest player ever to lace up the boots, then you know that Pele was born into the most impoverished of conditions. That in itself makes his winning a World Cup medal at 17 all the more astonishing. That he scored twice in the ’58 final against Sweden is just the icing on the cake.


9. Seabiscuit – There are times in sports when the stars seem to align to create something truly magical. Back in the 1930’s, in the midst of the great depression, a grieving businessman, a trainer, and a jockey, all hung that hat on a short little racehorse named Seabiscuit to create one of the coolest stories ever seen in sports.


10. Cal Ripken Jr. – In a time when professional sports athletes get paid exorbitant amounts of money and seem all too willing to sit out over any minor injury, there was one who was different from the rest. That was baseball star Cal Ripken Jr. who played an incredible 2,632 consecutive games to set another record that will likely stand forever.

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