Top 10 common dreams and their interpretation

common dreams

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Long-term research performed on the interpretation of dreams has lead to the identification of certain dreams that are common among people. Below is a list of the 10 most common dreams along with their interpretation:


chase dreams

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Chase dreams – resulting from feelings of anxiety or threat in our daily life. They usually involve running, hiding and trying to escape from the pursuer.




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Teeth dreams – most typically they have to do with teeth crumbling, breaking or falling out. They reflect insecurities about our appearance and they are often connected with an embarrassing event that recently occurred in our life.




teeth dreams

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Flying dreams – they indicate a feeling of being in control and they are accompanied with a sense of power when we can control the flight. The reasoning behind it is that we cannot naturally fly, thus things beyond our limits are achieved.




adultery dreams

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Adultery dreams – when the dreamer commits the act, it represents sexual repressed desires. When the partner of the dreamer commits the act, it could indicate a sense of insecurity in the relationship and inability to trust the partner.




falling dreams

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Falling dreams – they are usually indicative of insecurities, instabilities and anxieties. An event in our life might feel overwhelming, leading to feelings of inability or fear to cope with it.




nudity dreams

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Nudity Dreams – normally associated with vulnerability or feelings of shamefulness. We might be hiding something and fear that others can see right through it, or try to be something that we are not, perhaps a desire to be noticed but going after it in the wrong way.




test dreams

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Test dreams – typically they involve a school environment and overwhelming obstacles in an effort to complete the test relating whether to our inability to get into the class, open the lock etc. or to a lack of preparation for the test. All these are representative of feelings that we are being tested in some way, that we are not good enough and that we do not measure up to the expectations.




messy toilet dreams

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Messy toilet stalls dreams – usually accompanied by an urgent need to relieve oneself. If there is an entire row of toilet stalls but each stall is either filled or overflowing with waste, a sense of always having to clean up after others exists.




waves dreams

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Waves dreams – the power of the ocean can represent different levels of self-achievement and the strength of the waves indicates the degree of success. Waves that are too intense show a sense of feeling overwhelmed but if the dreamer manages to go through the wave it means that the challenge was or will be overcome.




death dreams

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Death dreams – a person dying in your dream implies that you believe that you lost certain qualities that this person represents for you. If the person dying is yourself, it is a positive indicator suggesting that you are undergoing changes in your life and you are developing although it could also mean that you are emotionally hurt.




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