The Truth About Ghosts

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The success of scary movies over the years proves that we all have some sort of fascination with the supernatural, yet very few of us would be willing to live in a haunted house if provided the opportunity. It’s one thing to be scared for the 90 minutes that a movie generally runs from, but quite another to give up your entire time to the hordes of ghosts that might inhabit your home. While it’s not everyone that would choose that life for themselves, many people end up moving into houses that, while they may seem normal at first, end up delivering bumps and bangs and visions of “people” that really shouldn’t be there.

TThis photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licensehe haunted house phenomenon is one that has pretty much been in existence forever. The spirit world has been embraced by different cultures, with many believing that the life we live right now is nothing more than a stepping stone to that next world. There are also those that believe the layer that divides our world from that of the dead is wafer thin, and that the spirits can often summon up enough energy to make an appearance on our plane of existence. Some places seem to have a thinner barrier than most, and it’s there where tales of ghosts and spooky events seem to be the most prevalent.

The popularity of ghosts is now at an all-time high, thanks in large part to reality TV shows where groups of investigators go into haunted locations and reveal their findings. The jury is still out on the validity of most of these shows, but what they have done is make the viewer more aware of the very real possibility that they may be living in a home where they have unwanted company. The shows have also made people afraid that what they may have perceived to be the sounds of the home settling at night may be something a little more sinister. That is something of a problem, especially if it is seriously affecting the lives of the family living there.

What many of these shows don’t tell you is that about 99% of the “supernatural” experiences that people have in their homes can in fact be explained in perfectly natural ways. Cold spots may be nothing more than a draft from outside, areas that have high EMF readings can make a person feel as though they are being watched and cause general unease, and waking up and feeling as though you are being held down, unable to move, is actually just sleep paralysis. The good investigators will go out of their way to debunk such claims, but others will go out of their way to heighten that fear, simply because it makes for good television.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license

If you are in genuine fear that your house may be haunted, you need to take a moment to calm down and get the Hollywood notion of ghosts out of your head. The statistics are very much in your favor, with the real likelihood being that the strange events in your home are simply natural occurrences. Pay particular attention to the rooms where activity is at its highest and use the techniques employed by those TV shows that try to debunk the paranormal activity. Get hold of an EMF meter and see if there is a particularly high reading there compared to the rest of the home. Look for drafts that may cause doors to slam shut or produce cold spots. In short, eliminate the natural before pointing the finger at the supernatural.

If you do find that you are in the 1% and have a genuine haunting in your home, you need to get over your fears and simply take control of your domicile. Get in the habit of talking to the spirits that share your home and make them aware that this is your home and that you do not like their presence. This is a technique that is very often recommended on the reality shows, as is calling in a priest to bless the home, assuming of course that you are spiritual in nature. For the most part there is no reason to fear ghosts, as they are rarely out to harm you, but you can put your mind at ease by getting to the bottom of the problem and putting a plan in place to get it under control.

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