The Truth About Celebrity Life: Be Careful What You Wish For

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How many of you reading this article has ever harbored the dream of becoming some kind of big shot celebrity? I’d be willing to wager that most of you, at one point or another, have given it some kind of thought. I know I have, especially when you see the lavish lives that celebrities live. It seems they all have money to burn and get to travel the world and stay in all the best places. That part is what makes celebrity life so appealing to most, myself included, but if you dig a little deeper, you just might find that it’s not really as great as it might look.

celebrity life shameWhat really puts me off of the whole celebrity idea is the fact that I would have to live the rest of my life under a microscope. It would be hard to just go out and have fun without being pestered by paparazzi and autograph seekers, many of who are just waiting patiently for you to say and do the wrong thing. That is not a life that is appealing to me, no matter how rich the rewards that come with it. What I also don’t care for is hoe every single misspoken word or act can live on in infamy, with many people deciding to judge you based on a few things said in the wrong manner. I imagine that most of us could write a short book listing all of the mistakes we make, especially things that we have said in a way that just comes out all wrong.

We are all prone to the occasional slip of the tongue, but imagine of every mistake you ever made was turned into some immortal quote just because you happened to be a famous actor or singer. It would be enough to make me commit to a vow of silence, especially when my mistakes were used to show that I was some sort of complete moron. One or two misspoken words or phrases do not make you a complete idiot, for if that were the case we would be living in a world built on stupidity. We all say embarrassing things, but they are usually quickly forgotten and not held up as a means of ridicule.

The internet is now full of websites showing off these quotes, the majority of which you can understand what they are trying to say, even with the mistakes. Take a look at the following as an example:

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“I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.” – Greg Norman, Golfer

This is the kind of mistake that people make on a daily basis, yet they don’t end up on a website that lists them as dumb. Greg Norman was probably thinking of his parents when he was having this discussion and made that statement. He was obviously asked some sort of question about who has influenced him over the years, which likely immediately made him think of his mum and dad. Instead of saying parents, he probably meant something else, but as he was thinking of them that’s what came out. I find it unfortunate that so many people love to point the finger and laugh at others who are only trying to say something nice or make a statement that they believe in, only to mess it up a little.

I think there are a couple of things in play when it comes to how we view the things celebrities say and do. We hold many of these people to a higher standard than we expect of ourselves and the people around us, which is something I find very strange indeed. Perhaps it’s because we feel that they have achieved something great that they must somehow be better than us. That’s where the second part of this little equation comes in, which is the part where we wait for them to fail so we can point out that they aren’t really better, even though it was us who put them on that pedestal in the first place.

Embarrassing mistakes happen to everyone, which means that pointing out and laughing at other people’s errors means opening yourself up to ridicule when you mess up. If the thought of being picked on or called stupid doesn’t really appeal to you, then think about keeping quiet when others misspeak.

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