The truth about bucket lists

Every person in this big wide world is different from the other in one way or another, but there is something that all of us have in common. If you take a moment to ask any person that you come across if they have something that they have always wanted to do or a place that they have always wanted to go, you will invariably find that the answer is yes. For many, those dreams lay hidden at the back of the mind and are only ever brought to the surface when the subject is raised. It may explain why people talk in particularly dreamy tones about places they have never been or things they have never before seen. This usually happens because they feel that the reality is that they will never get to live those moments they so crave, so they think it best to not think about them too much for fear that it will just remind them of their ordinary lives.

It’s not everyone that keeps their hopes and dreams tucked away in a place where no-one can see them though. That other group of folks makes it perfectly clear to everyone what they want by creating a bucket list of things that they want to accomplish and places they want to visit ([intlink id=”1007″ type=”post”]top 10 most common bucket list items[/intlink]). You may or may not be familiar with the idea of a bucket list, but it’s basically a list of things that someone wants to do before they die, or “kick the bucket” as the name suggests. It can be very exciting putting together that list and then watching as you check off every item, one by one, but is it something that is really a good idea ([intlink id=”968″ type=”post”]the pros and cons of making a bucket list[/intlink])?

The argument about whether or not a bucket list has any kind of merit can be effectively argued on both sides, with both probably claiming that their argument is the most valid. There is no easy answer to the question and it may even come down to whether or not the bucket list created is actually attainable. You might put together a list that is somewhat easy to complete given that it is realistic, or you may instead opt to build a list that is full of exotic locations and crazy adventures ([intlink id=”1364″ type=”post”]completing a bucket list for the entertainment of others[/intlink]) that will never see the light of day in your lifetime ([intlink id=”995″ type=”post”]how to compose your own bucket list[/intlink]). The first is those lists would be considered a great idea by most as it gives your life a purpose and will end up leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment as you check off each item. The crazy list is really no different than what we talked about earlier, where all of those ideas are tucked away at the back of your mind. The only difference is that the bucket list puts them out in the open every day and forces you to look at them. All that does is remind you of all the dreams that you had that were never fulfilled, which in turn just end up making you feel a little bad about yourself.

It’s perfectly natural to dream and wish for things that you don’t have, but laying them out in the open ([intlink id=”984″ type=”post”]should you share your bucket list or keep it private?[/intlink]) and basically taunting yourself with them can end up having a pretty negative effect. That doesn’t mean that a bucket list is a horrible idea that should never be undertaken, but it does mean that it’s something that should be approached with a healthy dose of realism. A bucket list can actually be a fantastic idea if you choose to fill it with things that you can actually finish in the short term. This is a list that doesn’t have to be set in stone, which means that you can add to it to reflect changes in your life. You may end up moving closer to a place that you always dreamed of visiting ([intlink id=”929″ type=”post”]top 10 bucket list destinations[/intlink]) or get a job that puts you in a financial position to finally do some of the more exotic things in your mind. So I guess what I am saying is that a bucket list can be a good or a bad idea and that depends on the way in which you decide to put it together and your reasons for doing so.

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