The Secret of Homosexuality And The Fear Within

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There are many things to fear in life as we grow, but your sexual orientation should not have to be one of them. The unfortunate thing for homosexuals of the world is that they have in fact become judged for the simple act of being physically attracted to someone of the same sex. They have to experience vitriol and hatred, beatings and murders, and discrimination, all because they happen to be genetically predisposed to be gay. You will notice that I mentioned genetics, and that is because far too many people are under the impression that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. You do not choose to be gay, much in the same way you cannot choose the natural color of your hair or eyes.

If you are a heterosexual and you in any way doubt the statement made above, take a moment to really think about your own sexuality. At what time in your life did you sit down and decide whether you should be sexually attracted to men or women? I can almost guarantee that you never made that type of decision, but finally hit an age where you started to take notice of the opposite sex. There was no decision process involved, nature simply took over and dictated who you were attracted to. If you assume that homosexuals don’t go through that same natural process, then you are somewhat missing the point.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license Rather than simply falling back on your belief system when it comes to the gay community, it’s a good idea to engage in an open and honest conversation with homosexuals to get the true story. It is not likely to be an overnight thing, but some of the misconceptions about homosexuality can be taken away simply by listening to their side of the story. It’s only then that the fear can start to be removed on both sides, with gays no longer having to fear retribution based solely on sexual orientation, and heterosexuals no longer fearing that they are somehow prey for gangs of roaming gays that crave fresh straight meat.

The fear that heterosexuals feel when faced by a gay man or woman is something that is all in their own mind, and which is born out of a total lack of sexual education. The gay community, on the other hand, has to live in fear every single day, such is the still too prevalent distaste for their lifestyle. Coming out is an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially if you were raised in a home where you constantly had to hear about how dreadful gays are, or how big a disappointment it would be to the family if someone were to announce that they were homosexual. That creates fear and stress that is difficult to keep in check, and is often one of the major reasons why gay men and women feel that they need to take their own lives.

There is no other love that comes close to what you feel for your children. It truly is the only form of unconditional love in the world, yet that has to be brought into question when parents chose to disown their kids because of their sexual orientation. All too often, those parents see that as somehow being a failing on their part or a reflection of the role they played in the family home, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Is there really anything sadder than seeing a child be blackballed by their family when they decide to come out? This is a period of their life that is filled with fear of the unknown, and is undoubtedly a time when a strong support system could really help see them through.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license

We all have to get away from the notion that homosexuals choose to enter into the lifestyle they lead, especially since doing so means having to be looked at as something of a societal outcast. Who would choose that sort of life for themselves if the easier option was simply to be with someone of the same sex? It simply doesn’t add up, so it’s time for those who are filled with hate to open their eyes and perhaps educate themselves on how people come to be gay in the first place. If we can all do that, then perhaps we can take the fear away from coming out and allow our sons and daughters to live in a way that makes them truly happy.

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