The secret lives of celebrities

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Each and every one of us has a secret or two hidden away that we’d sooner no-one finds out about. It may have been something that you did years ago, or a crush or attraction to someone that you really shouldn’t have ([intlink id=”843″ type=”post”]top 10 most common secrets[/intlink]). The good news for most of us is that nobody really cares what our secrets are, but that’s not the case with celebrities. As much as they try to keep their personal lives private, members of the tabloid press will do anything to get a peek behind that secret curtain. We can all say that we are appalled by that level of behavior, yet the gossip tabloids show no sign of going out of business anytime soon.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseThese papers aren’t looking for small little details that would be considered somewhat insignificant, but rather, juicy stories about such things as infidelity and sexual orientation. There have been major stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta who have had to live under ridiculous media scrutiny for years, all surrounding their sexuality. I neither know nor care what they do in their private lives, but it seems that there are plenty out there that do. There seems to be a massive public attack on these celebrities, which usually ends up forcing them to have to make some sort of statement regarding these rumors.

Some celebrities go the route of suing the publications that print the gossip, while others simply cave in and reveal their secret. You think of Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell, both of whom had to read headlines about their sexuality for years. The fact that the rumors ended up being true has nothing to do with the fact that their private lives were under scrutiny for so long. What’s ironic is that when both of those ladies finally did come out, no-one really cared, since most already assumed the truth to be the case anyway.

Another storyline that seems to get a lot of play in the celebrity world is when there is some evidence that a big name star may be cheating on their spouse or partner. This is a particularly juicy tale that the tabloids, and the people who read then, simply can’t seem to get enough of. There are very few people who advocate infidelity as a great life choice, but is it something that should be played out in the popular press? It’s painful enough for those who are on the receiving end, without having to see headlines an grainy pictures splashed all over the front of the gutter press magazines.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons license

One of the bigger relationship messes of recent years was Eddie Cibrian’s very public cheating on his wife with country singer Leann Rimes. This is a battle that still rages to this day, with the ditched spouse commenting via Twitter on the pictures she sees of the new couple together. What really seems to rankle here are the pictures of Rimes with her children. When a relationship dissolves, for whatever reason, you hope that the new partners will look after the kids involved in the relationship; you hope for it, but I’m sure you don’t necessarily want to see it.

There will always be people who will argue that being a public figure means that the press has a right to air your dirty laundry, but that just seems like a little bit of sour grapes. It can be difficult to keep a secret at the best of times ([intlink id=”876″ type=”post”]how to avoid the temptation of revealing a secret[/intlink]), but imagine how much harder it would be if there were reporters constantly beating down your door in search of answers. That is something that would be a little harder to take for the average person.

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