Sneaky Ways To Approach An Attractive Stranger

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We have all had those moments when we see an attractive stranger across the room and are instantly mesmerized by them. Making eye contact is the easy part, but actually sealing the deal by approaching the stranger and actually talking to them is a whole lot more difficult. Walking across that room to engage them in conversation makes the distance seem like miles, especially if you have to make the return trip having failed in your mission. There are some ways that you can make that approach a little easier on yourself, by actually making it look as though you are there for another purpose. Here are a few sneaky moves you can use to approach an attractive stranger, without having to put yourself out there too much.


Getting The Conversation Started

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If you are at a bar or club and the person you are interested in is standing at the bar, make it your turn to buy the drinks for your group. Head on over to the bar and pick a spot right beside the object of your affections. This allows you to make a little bit of body contact and start a little conversation about how busy the club is, or about the type of drinks you are buying. If you hit it off during that moment, you could then ask them to help you back to the table with the drinks, giving you a little bit of extra talking time.


Another little trick that you might try is “accidentally” bumping into the person on purpose. This might take a little bit of timing and require you to have your face stuck in a book or newspaper to make it look like a legitimate accident. There is the risk that the person may take offense at you not watching where you are going, but if the attraction is mutual, they will likely be more than happy that you bumped into them.


Another option is to get the attractive stranger to come to you and strike up a conversation. The idea is to be in the line of where they are headed, at which point you drop something and pretend that you don’t notice. When the stranger picks it up and hands it to you, flash your best smile, say thank you, and offer to reward them with a drink or a little bite to eat. If they don’t have time to do that or have to be somewhere else, you can then offer to take them out at a later date, with fingers firmly crossed as you ask.


Getting Your Friends Involved

If you are just really too shy or uncomfortable to approach that attractive stranger across the room, ask for some help from one of your more confident friends. They can go over and start a conversation, which can take a couple of different approaches. They can tell the stranger that you are really interested in them but are too shy to come over. It’s a little bit of a high school type approach, but it is actually a pretty good way to find out if the person is interested in you at all, without having to feel any kind of shame if they aren’t. The other way the conversation could go is that you give your friend a few moments to get started, before joining them and having your friend introduce you. The ice has already been broken by the friend, who can then make a hasty little exit once you and the stranger start to hit it off.

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It’s not everyone that likes to get hit with cheesy pick-up lines, so use these tips mentioned above to avoid that and go with a sneakier little approach in getting to know that attractive stranger.



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