Signs That The Cool Story You Are Listening To Isn’t Real

There are some people that make a really nice living out of being able to tell when a person is being less than truthful. Professional poker players will look at the people across the table and be able to tell when they are bluffing or have a great hand. Law enforcement officials can pick a story apart like no other until they are finally able to get to the truth. The truth is that anyone can tell a true story or a lie if they simply take the time to really pay attention to the person who is telling it. We all give off subtle little signs that what we are saying isn’t totally accurate, and while they may be somewhat different from one person to the next, there are a few that we all show.

Some stories are blatantly obvious lies and are usually pretty easy to spot. We’ve all known someone at one time or another who is prone to magnificent flights of fancy, yet their stories never seem to match up with the person that we know. It’s much easier to spot a made up tale from someone that we know reasonably well, usually because the tale that they weave goes against their character and the way in which they normally conduct themselves. You always want to believe that your friend is always 100% honest, but everyone has the capacity to fib, and when it means that they can gain a whole new level of popularity, well then that capacity seems to get a little larger ([intlink id=”1098″ type=”post”]why do people make up stories to impress others[/intlink]).

One sure way to get to the heart of whether the story is real or not is to ask questions about what you are hearing. There is a pretty good chance that the person telling the story has had to get it straight in their head before telling it, which means that if you start to ask questions that they haven’t prepared for, they will stumble. You will often find that the storyteller starts to stutter or fumble over words when they are forced to deviate from the story they are telling. They might also repeat your question in an incredulous tone as if to ask why you would ask that, but what they are really doing is trying to buy some time to formulate an answer that will fit their tale.

What you have to keep in mind is that people who tell tall tales aren’t always doing so to be deceitful or with the purpose of hurting someone else, but rather just to appear cool and interesting ([intlink id=”1048″ type=”post”]how to become part of one of the coolest stories your friends have ever heard[/intlink]). This is why you will often find this type of person with a large group of friends who simply play along with the tales. They all know that the stories aren’t accurate, but because they don’t do any harm they simply allow their friend to live in that little fantasy world for a little bit of time ([intlink id=”1035″ type=”post”]how to turn a boring story into a cool one[/intlink]). Where that type of storytelling becomes dangerous is when it is being used to spread rumors about someone that could hurt them, which is a time when the story has to be picked apart.


This is where you really have to listen and pay attention, looking for inaccuracies that might reveal the story as a lie. Take a close look at the body language of the person telling you the story and watch how they react to the questions you might have. They will often fail to make eye contact or appear nervous when the story is questioned. They may also use a phrase like “what I meant to say was….” when it appears as though their story has been revealed to be untrue. Telling tall tales is okay and can be fun if no-one is hurt by the stories, but they can become toxic when they are intended to harm a reputation, so be on the lookout for that type of story.

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