Should you share your bucket list or keep it private?


Different people choose to live their lives in a number of different ways, but there comes a time when we all start to realize our mortality. It’s usually at that point where we take stock of our lives and look back at the things we have accomplished, as well as those that have slipped through the cracks and remain undone. It’s at this point that many people start to think about fulfilling some of those missed opportunities by [intlink id=”995″ type=”post”]creating a bucket list[/intlink]. While there are those that think of putting together a list of activities to be completed before you die, it’s actually a good way of getting up off your behind and actually living a little.

If you have finally reached the point where you are finally starting to realize that your life is slipping you by without ever having really done anything, then it might be time to put together a bucket list of your own ([intlink id=”952″ type=”post”]the truth about bucket lists[/intlink]). You are likely to hear some people scoff at the idea, but you will also find that many of your friends and family will become incredibly interested in the items that you add to your list ([intlink id=”1007″ type=”post”]top 10 most common bucket list items[/intlink]). It can be argued that keeping something as personal as a bucket list to yourself might be a good thing, but unless that list is made up of some rather unsavory acts then why not share?

What you may find is that some of the things that you have dreamed of doing or places you’ve always imagined seeing may not be as appealing if you are forced to do it alone. Sharing your list with friends and family is a great way to see if anyone is holding to the same dream as you and then figuring out a way to accomplish it together. For example, imagine that you have always wanted to go skydiving, but have just simply never had the courage to do so. Having someone come along with you who has had the same fears may be just the thing to get you both up in that plane in an attempt at clearing an item off of a pair of lists.

Another great example of a way where you could include others in your plans is if one of your dreams was to visit the country of your heritage ([intlink id=”929″ type=”post”]top 10 bucket list destinations[/intlink]). That would present a great opportunity for a family reunion of sorts, making that dream all the more special by incorporating the very people that made you who you are. Sure we all have times when we don’t get along with one family member or another, but at the end of the day we are all blood and a trip like that could be just the thing to draw everyone a little closer together.

I think the idea of putting together a bucket list of things to do with family and friends is a great idea. Some of the best moments in life are spent with the people that you love, so why not include them in some of your truly special experiences as well? I also understand those people that think of bucket lists as something that is very much their own or look at it as a strictly personal challenge, but there is nothing to stop you from creating a pair of unique lists. Save those moments that you’d like to have on your own for one whilst having a little fun with friends and family on the other.



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