Sexual Bucket List – Right Or Wrong?

sexual bucket list

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Putting together a bucket list is something that can be both fun and exciting. Your natural instinct is to share it with others, so that they can get an idea of the things that you would love to do before you die. If we were all to be totally honest, though, there are probably a few things that we would live to put on our lists, but which may very well be frowned upon if anyone else got a look at those items. These are usually things of a sexual nature, and since no two people really share exactly the same sexual tastes and desires, what may seem like a normal fantasy to you, may in fact be completely appalling to someone else. That begs the question then whether having a sexual bucket list is actually something that you should do. It’s an impossible question to answer, as it really does come down to the individual person and their feelings on all things sexual.


To share or not to share?

If you do decide that a sexual bucket lists is something that you want to put together, you are going to have to choose who you divulge that to very carefully. Much of what you share will not only depend on the person, but also the nature of the items that have made their way onto your list. It’s probably not something that you will want to sit mom and dad down and talk to them about, but you will likely share a few of the items with your friends. As much as some folks try to convince us to the contrary, sex is a popular topic that people talk about all the time. Sharing your sexual bucket list secrets is not necessarily a bad thing, unless of course you have some ideas that are illegal, then you may want to either keep those to yourself or think about sharing them with a professional psychiatrist.


What would you expect to see on a sexual bucket list?

As mentioned earlier, not two people really have the same ideas about what turns them or what they view as okay sexually. We often don’t know what other people really like until we get them into the bedroom and their passions take a turn to the exotic. That said, there are a few things that are likely to appear quite regularly if you were to start comparing lists. Without getting too graphic, let’s take a look at a few that might actually be considered quite common:

  • Making love in a public place – sex is one of the most exciting acts that you can engage in, but it gets taken to a whole new level for some people when there is a risk that they might get caught. Making love in a public place adds a little element of danger that can spice things up quite nicely.
  • Menage a trois – while most people are content to go with a one on one relationship, there are others that dream of having another person added into the mix. This is actually something that some couples will agree to, especially if it is revealed that they both share that same desire.
  • Mile high club – This is one that just about everyone knows about and one that many probably even think about whenever they set foot on a plane with their partner. In case you don’t know, joining the mile high club means engaging in sexual intercourse while you are flying in a plane. So common are these attempts, the flight crew will go out of their way to try and keep track of people heading to the bathrooms together while the plane is in the air.
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A sexual bucket list can be as basic or as daring as you want it to be, as long as no-one gets hurt in the process of you fulfilling it. Maybe you should think about sharing some of your ideas with your partner, because they might just share a few of the same.



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