Secrets the Government doesn’t want you to know

When the average person decides to keep a secret it’s usually something that will only affect them and one or two other people ([intlink id=”843″ type=”post”]top 10 most common secrets[/intlink]). When governments decide to keep secrets, those tend to be of the variety that can affect millions. We are usually told that secrets are kept in the interests of public security, but you really have to wonder what the government thinks they are protecting us from. The whole thing creates an air of mystery and crazy conspiracy theories that are probably far more harmful than the truth. There are those types of secrets held by governments all over the world, but the US seems to be the granddaddy of them all, harboring secrets that have inspired all manner of crazy theories.

It’s tough to know where to begin with the secrets supposedly held in the US, but for me it’s the whole alien/UFO mystery that is the best. There is no bigger story in that regard than the alleged UFO crash landing at Roswell, New Mexico. The official government story is that it was nothing more than a downed weather balloon, but stories from people who were at the scene of the crash tend to be a little more sinister. There are tales of an alien body being removed, as well as stories of locals being whisked away by government officials for a ‘debriefing.’ The events that took place at Roswell actually lead in nicely to another big secret.

Hidden in plain sight, deep in the Nevada desert is Area 51. I say plain sight, but no-one can actually get close enough to see what the place looks like up close and personal. Simply driving close to the perimeter will have a security team arriving on the scene pretty quickly. There is a no-fly zone over the area too, despite the fact that there is a very large landing strip at the facility. No-one really knows what goes on at Area 51, but that doesn’t stop the conspiracy folks from claiming it’s where the alien body from Roswell was taken. It’s also thought that the alien technology discovered at the crash scene is being reverse engineered to create new aircraft, such as the stealth bomber. If you want a little up close look at part of the Area 51 mystique, then keep your eyes open the next time you are the Las Vegas airport. If you see a white airplane with a red tale tucked away in the corner of the airport, then you are seeing the plane that takes Area 51 employees to and from the facility.

The secrets are not just all about little green men in the US, with one of the biggest secrets being what really happened the day the President Kennedy was assassinated. Everyone has heard the theory of the second gunman on the grassy knoll, and how Lee Harvey Oswald was nothing more than the patsy he claimed to be all along. If you read the details of the events leading up to and immediately after the assassination, then you are left with more questions than answers.  The general feeling among the American public is that the government is holding all manner of secrets about the true events of that fateful day.

Perhaps they used the mind control techniques that were allegedly studied by the CIA. There are all kinds of studies being done that are kept under wraps by the government, with remote viewers, psychics, and all kinds of paranormal methods used to try and find the secrets hidden by other governments. Whether there is any validity to these secret stories remains to be seen, and even when all of the paperwork becomes declassified and released to the public, conspiracy theorists say that there is no guarantee that what we are seeing is the real thing. When you think about it, what’s to stop the government from creating 2 different sets of documents when the events take place and then releasing the falsified reports when the time comes? As long as there are governments running the countries of the world there are going to be secrets. We may never get to the real truth, but at least Hollywood can continue to entertain us by churning out movies that explore the ‘true’ stories behind those mysterious secrets.


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