Secret Societies

When you know that someone is keeping a secret, it becomes human nature to try and figure out what it could possibly be, with most of your ideas usually a lot more dramatic than the actual secret. It is that same way of thinking that applies to all the different secret societies that have existed over the years. Unless you are somehow allowed into the fold, there is no way to ever know what goes on behind closed doors. That had led to all kinds of different rumors flying about what the members of these societies actually get up to when the rest of us aren’t looking. There really is no way to know what goes on until you are allowed to peek behind the curtain. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous secret societies and what it is they may or may not do.


The most popular secret society, and one that is still very active today, is the Freemasons. This is a society that has been around from the early 1700’s, and who require their members to ascend through different levels to eventually become a Master Mason. Much of the imagery used in the society is in reference to architectural symbols, with the members all actually referring to God as the Great Architect of the Universe. They also use a number of different signs and handshakes in order to identify with other members and enter meetings. If you are interested in becoming a Mason, you will have to be recommended by someone who is already a member, with many Lodges actually requiring that you be recommended three times.


Many of the rituals that the Masons use have allegedly been adopted by the Skull and Bones secret society. This is a group that is a lot more difficult to get into, especially since it is reserved for only a very select few students of Yale University. The society holds their meetings twice per week in a building that is ominously referred to as “The Tomb.” Very little is known about what goes on in the meetings but what is known is that both former Bush presidents were one time members of the Skull and Bones society.

Many secret societies have rituals and meetings that are religious in nature, but that was not the case with the Illuminati. The big rumor about this particular secret society was that it was their goal to overthrow organized religion across the globe. The group first came into being in the 1700’s, and by the time that century came to an end, the outlawing of the Illuminati led their group to fall apart and disappear completely. The story does not end there, though, with many people believing that the group does still in fact exist, even though there is nothing to back that theory up. Interest in the Illuminati increased in recent years thanks to the society playing a role in the incredibly successful Da Vinci Code novel.


While it may not necessarily be considered a secret society in the true sense of the term, Scientology is considered by many to be secretive enough to fall perfectly into that category. There are stories of bizarre rituals that need to be followed in order to become part of the religion, with many different steps needing to be followed in order to ascent the levels to a Thetan 7. Scientology has become very popular among many big name celebrities, yet despite it being so well known nowadays, very little is known about what takes place behind closed doors.


While many of the major secret societies have died out over time, or simply given way to something new coming along, the interest in them still exists. People are intrigued by the unknown, and the fact that many of the big secrets of these societies died with the final members makes them all the more appealing. While we may never know what goes on when the members of these group get together, it sure is fun to imagine what might be happening there.



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