Psychological complexes

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All humans have psychological complexes. They exist in different forms and dimensions in each individual’s world. Often, they might have a huge impact on our life being subconsciously the first and last thing that guides our thoughts and actions, an obsession that our mind cannot defeat so it eventually surrenders to it bearing all the emotional sacrifice included.


The bad news: what you need to know before fighting against your psychological complex

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– Once a complex is formed, it rapidly gets planted inside you, your mind starts interpreting and connecting reactions received from your environment as ‘complex existence proofs’ even though in most cases they are not, and eventually the complex passes through to your subconscious (see how complexes work)


– You might try to resist the existence of a complex. Denial might be your defense against it. But whatever resists persists! Overcoming a complex is a demanding procedure.


– Complexes are highly interrelated between them and one complex can lead to another resulting in a vicious circle.



The good news: nothing in this world is irreversible

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ANY kind of complex you have has already been experienced in the past or in present by at least one more person. And there is NO person who ever walked through this world without suffering from at least one complex (including your role models and celebrities). You are NOT the only one and you are NOT alone. Take a look at a comprehensive list of popular psychological complexes. However be aware as there are many hidden and unperceived psychological complexes.


– Overcoming a complex is indeed a demanding procedure. BUT there are solutions and a certain methodology for overcoming ANY kind of complex (refer to how to overcome your psychological complex). The first step remains always the same: R E A L I Z A T I O N.


– A complex is just an IDEA arising and developing from an observation, experience or a series of events. Ideas are in the MIND and the mind is programmable by INDIVIDUALS. And YOU are the INDIVIDUAL programming the IDEAS in your own MIND. Now is the right time to make the decision and set yourself free from all the negative thoughts that have been poisoning the prosperity of your mind. Start by firstly understanding the mechanism behind a psychological complex, identify the type of psychological complex that you have and realize where your psychological complex comes from.


  T A K E   T H E   S T E P




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