Possible Cures For Your ‘Messiah’ Complex

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Chances are you know someone who is a bit of a know it all, but even those people have a tendency to be able to admit that they might be wrong once in a while. The same cannot be said for people who have a messiah or God complex, as they truly believe that they control not only their own destiny, but that of everyone around them. They view themselves as being the center of the universe that everything else revolves around, and breaking them of that belief is not something that is very easily done.


It is also interesting to note that the messiah complex can be taken on by a group of people who are after a similar goal. For example, think of white supremacy groups whose whole agenda is built around the fact that they believe that theirs is the dominant race, and who are destined to rule the world at the expense of all others. That said, there is almost always a messianic figure at the heart of that group whom all others fall in line to follow. You think of Hitler and Nazi Germany and you get an idea of what we are talking about here.


Anyone suffering from some sort of psychological complex usually ends up seeking professional help in order to find a cure. It is here that things get a little tricky with the messiah complex, though, especially since it is not readily recognized in the big list of diagnosable mental disorders. Perhaps it is because the person with the complex does not just see themselves as the God that most people believe in, but rather one that is separate and distinct from all other deities worshipped around the world.


Since coming to grips with a complex of any kind usually means admitting that you have a problem to begin with, curing the God complex seems as though it might very well be virtually impossible. The fact that people who carry the disorder often end up coming to power and having people follow them along the way makes it highly unlikely that they will ever listen to anyone bold enough to question their sanity. This might also lead us to understand why the messiah complex is not recognized as a diagnosable disorder as it has become more of a label than an actual complex. Just because someone wants to have the most power possible, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they view themselves as a god.

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For example, you could look at a professional athlete in any sport that strives to be the very best at what they do, and who is not afraid to exclaim loudly that they are better than anyone else. I know that this is not on the same level as someone looking to take over the world, but the point is that the lines are somewhat blurred between extreme egotism and an unnatural quest to be in total control of everyone around you. If the messiah complex is real, then one could argue that a sliding scale needs to be applied to see which level the person is on. You might find a pop star diva at the bottom of the scale, with a tyrannical leader all the way at the top. It’s a ridiculous notion of course, but if the books on mental disorders offer little in the way of getting to the heart of the messiah complex, then how is the average person supposed to?



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