Oops…..I Forgot Your Name

If you were totally up all the people that you have met in your life to this point, the number would probably be pretty outstanding. The fact that you can remember the names of a great many of those people is actually quite impressive, yet we all lose our minds the moment that one name somehow seems to evade our grasp. The simple solution that moment where you meet up with someone who has been formerly introduced, yet whose name you cannot remember, is to simply apologize for your forgetfulness and ask again. There will be no judgment on their part, because I can absolutely guarantee that they will have forgotten a name in the past, and will do so again in the future.


People will list forgetting a name as one of the things that embarrasses them most, yet it is the way that they behave in the situation that makes it so. You know what I am talking about here, right. When that person approaches you with a big smile on their face, telling you how great is to see you again, using your name in the process. You can’t quite put a name to the face, even though it is sitting right there on the tip of your tongue. You know all the details of where and when you met, but your brain will just not give up the name. That’s when the mumbling and stumbling starts, and the flop sweat appears on your brow. It’s also at this point that you stop listening to anything but what is going on in your head, which is what may have landed you in this embarrassing spot in the first place.


This is especially true if you have made a habit of forgetting names during the course of your life. It is now in your head that you are terrible with names, which means that is all you think about when being introduced. You start telling yourself to pay attention so that you don’t forget the names, but you are so consumed with that process that you fail to even really hear what the name was. It’s at that point that all is lost, especially if you don’t ask the person to repeat it. Your only hope then is that you will never see the person again.

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It doesn’t have to be that difficult or embarrassing, though, and there are some simple little tips that you can follow to make sure that the name sticks. The first thing that you need to do, which is obvious, is stop fretting and just pay attention when the person says their name. You should then verify it by saying it aloud. For example, you are introduced to Kevin, who you then shake hands with and say, “very nice to meet you, Kevin.” Saying the name aloud actually makes it easier for you to remember it, so try and use it a few more times, without sounding ridiculous, during the course of the conversation. When your time with that person is coming to an end, say the name again as you bid them farewell. You will be amazed at how often names start to stick with you once you start putting that into practice. This really is just one of those embarrassing situations that can easily be avoided with just the slightest bit of effort on your part.



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