Live As If You Only Have One Day Left

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Unless you have some sort of power that allows you to see into the future, there is no way you will ever know if the day that you are living right now is going to be your last. Take a moment to think about that, and imagine what you would do if you knew that it really was your last day on Earth. Each and every person would probably have a very unique list of things that they would do, but what they would immediately stop thinking about is what they did in the past or what will happen in the future.


Very few folks actually live in the here and now. Just think about how often you hear people talk about mistakes they have made before, or how they are worried about what will happen days, weeks, and even years from now. There is nothing we can do to erase the past, but choosing how we live each and every day can help us start to shape a future that might just end up being pretty bright. The question then becomes how to live each and every day as though it were your last. The answer may be a little different for everyone, but it all begins with living in the moment rather than in another time that you can’t control.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license We are all driven in one way or another by our emotions, many of which we hold back for one reason or another. The biggest reason of all tends to be because we worry about how releasing those emotions will affect the people around us and somehow alter our future path. What most people don’t understand is that by containing those emotions, you are likely to end up on a self-fulfilling path of disappointment and happiness. How will anyone ever know how you feel if you don’t take time to open up and tell them?


If you truly want to live your life as though this day were your last, then start it by telling the people you care about how much you love them. If someone at work is making your life miserable because of the way they behave, tell them exactly how you feel and how that behavior bothers you. It might not make them change their attitude, but it will free you in a way that will make it feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of your back. Tell everyone what it is you want out of life, as you might just be surprised by how many of them will want to help you achieve that.


What you should be starting to recognize by now is that while this is indeed your life to live, you deeds and actions can have a major effect on those around you. With that in mind, don’t make your “last day” all about you. Take the time to lend a hand to someone that really needs help. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic statement or financial contribution, but rather something as simple as giving up your seat on the bus or helping someone carry their groceries to the car. By doing these small things, you will be creating a legacy of sorts, where people will view you as someone who made a real difference, if only for a fleeting moment in time.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license

If you really want to live your life to the fullest every day and act as though each was your last, then make time to try something new. Don’t go to the same restaurant where you always order the same thing off the menu. Try and exotic place and point at the first item you see. Be a little daring, to the point where you feel reckless, even though you are completely in control. Time has a way of slipping through our hands without us ever really noticing. If you don’t recognize that, your last day will creep up on you before you know it, leaving you with nothing but regret for the deeds that you left undone while you had the chance.



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