Life Is Short – Get That Bucket List Done

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We all have things that we want to do before we die. It could be something as simple as learning to play a musical instrument, or something as wild as taking a year off to travel the world. Having these types of dreams is perfectly natural, but it also seems that putting them off for another day is natural, too. There are all sorts of excuses used to push those goals and dreams into the background, with time and money usually at the top of the list. There are those who will say that they have to put their family first, rather than running off to do something that would fulfill a lifelong yearning. It’s time to cast those excuses aside and start being a little selfish.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license The first thing you need to do is create a bucket list that contains all the things you hope to accomplish before your time on Earth runs out. For those of you who don’t know, a bucket list is basically a collection of things that you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” Don’t just let those dreams fester in your mind; commit them to paper and put the list in a place that forces you to look at it every single day. Some might say that doing so is a form of torture, but it’s actually a good way to keep those dreams at the forefront of your mind, which should inspire you to go out and get after them.

A bucket list is not something that you need to put off until you are nearing the end of your life, especially when you consider that some of the things on there may not be suitable for you when you are in your 80’s. Can you imagine jumping out of an airplane or bungee jumping off an insanely high bridge when you can barely make it from the couch to your bed? There are just some things that cannot be put off to a later date, and those are the ones that you should go after first.

The reality is that none of us have any idea how long we have to actually accomplish the things on our bucket lists. So why wait? It seems odd that people find it hard to get motivated to get out there and do those things, especially when they list them as lifelong dreams. Perhaps there is a level of trepidation that the reality will not live up to the image that we build in our minds, but there is no way to ever find that out if we don’t take a risk and give it a shot. Really, what is the worst thing that could happen? You travel to a place that you have always wanted to see, only to discover that it is really underwhelming. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you got to check something off of your bucket list, allowing you to move on to the next, hopefully better item.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under royalty free license

There are always going to be items on the list that aren’t as great as you imagined, but there will also be others that are far better than you could ever have dreamed of. You can’t let fear cloud your judgment in such matters, but rather you have to embrace the unknown in order to truly live. Life is made up of a collection of experiences that are stitched together over the course of however many years you are given on this Earth. You can choose to play it safe, or you can start going after the items on your bucket list that will allow you to put together a life that is exciting and full of adventure. We all want to be happy, but that can only happen if we decide to go after the things we really want. Don’t sit back and wait for the end to come before you start chasing your dreams. Create that bucket list now and start checking those items off right now. What are you waiting for?


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