Inception – Is It Real Or Just A Movie?

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The dream world is one where the normal rules of everyday life simply don’t apply. Scenes shift at a moment’s notice and we are able to do things that are ordinarily well outside the reaches of possibility. Christopher Nolan explored the world of dreams to absolute perfection in his movie “Inception.” The premise of the movie is that it is possible to go into other people’s dreams and get information from them, which is shown in the movie to be quite straightforward. The process of inception is a little harder, as the goal there is to go in and plant an idea in someone’s mind that they would never ordinarily have made on their own. It’s entertainment at the very highest, but it also begs the question as to whether inception is something confined to the realms or science fiction, or a technique that could actually be performed in real life.


While most folks would scoff and say that the possibility of inception ever becoming a reality is slim to none, we might actually be closer than ever imagined. This doesn’t mean that you can be injected with some sort of happy juice before being strapped to a group of dream invaders hell bent on making you do something out of character, and it actually has more to do with lucid dreaming than anything else. It may also surprise you to learn that there are countless hours of research and study devoted to dreams and what they might mean, which could mean perhaps stumbling upon a way to gain access to your thoughts as you sleep.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons license

Before I get to lucid dreaming, it’s probably worth talking about hypnosis and subliminal messaging as ways to get the same results as inception. I’m sure you have all seen movies that include a person being hypnotized and made to pull of some sort of horrific crime. I hate to break it to all of you who harbor dreams of world domination, but that type of things simply isn’t possible. You are not actually asleep when under hypnosis, but rather are in a meditative type state where you are still aware of what is going on. The hypnotist can gain access to your subconscious mind, but they simply can’t make you do something that you would never ordinarily do when awake, as the brain still sends the signal that it is wrong. Subliminal messaging works in much the same way, with messages sent to the subconscious that will make you think of whatever the flashed words or images show. Your sense of right and wrong will still not allow you to perform acts that go against what you believe in.


This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseWhere lucid dreaming is different is that you are in fact asleep, but are in a state where you are very much able to control what happens in your dreams. People use lucid dreaming to explore new worlds or steer themselves away from nightmares that they see coming. They are basically capable of creating doors that they can step through to move to another part of the dream, much like the different levels in the Inception movie.


Research into lucid dreaming has shown that the vast majority of us would be able to do it if we were willing to practice regularly. There have also been situations recorded where lucid dreamers have basically occupied the same space in each other’s dreams, although there is no record of one of those people being able to completely take over and make the other person do something outside of the lucid dream world. While it would then seem that inception isn’t possible anywhere other than on the silver screen, it may well be lucid dreaming that holds the key to making it possible.



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