The art of turning a boring story into a cool one

Have you ever listened to someone tell a story about something that happened to them and wondered why their life seems so much more interesting than yours? The reality is that it probably isn’t, but those people simply have a way of relating what happened to them in a way that sounds more entertaining ([intlink id=”1108″ type=”post”]signs that the story you are listening to isn\’t real[/intlink]). At the heart of those humorous or dramatic tales is a simple little incident that would have probably been truly boring if it was told as really happened. Most of us lead pretty normal lives where nothing truly out of the ordinary happens, so what that means is that in order for your story to be a little more interesting, you have to come up with some level of embellishment ([intlink id=”1048″ type=”post”]how to become part of one of the coolest stories your friends have ever heard[/intlink]).

Embellishing your story doesn’t mean that you have to lie; it simply means that you add a little touch of spice to make it more palatable to the people you are telling it to. It’s like a chef making a meal for a bunch of folks who adds different little ingredients to the menu. They aren’t changing the basic ingredient of the meal, but are instead putting in a little added flavor to make their audience sit up and take notice ([intlink id=”1098″ type=”post”]why do people make up stories to impress others[/intlink]). It’s exactly that type of technique which will transform your boring little story into something that will have people telling it to other people.

Let’s take a look at something that could actually happen to you, as well as a way in which you could add to it in order to make it more interesting. Here is what actually happened to you:

“I was walking home from school the other day when I tripped and fell. On the way down my school bag hit me on the head and left a bruise.”

That’s an embarrassing little story that may make some folks giggle a little, but they will be laughing at your ineptitude rather than the actual tale. By adding in a little bit of spice, you can take that bland little nugget and turn it into something delicious by creating a lot more action and imagery; in other words, embellishing.

“Just the other day I was walking home from school and was so tired from carrying these heavy books around I could barely lift my feet. I was so tired I didn’t even notice the curb in front of me which, I swear, reached out and tripped me. For just a moment I felt like a superhero as I flew through the air, until of course I landed, with that big old book bag crashing down on my head. The only thing that stopped my biology book from balancing on top of my head was the big cartoon style lump that came springing up to knock it off.”


The story that is told is pretty much basically the same, but by adding the actions of flying and that lump growing, you paint a picture of something else entirely in the listener’s head. It also helps by starting out your story with something that everyone is familiar with, which in this case is the heavy bag full of books. They will hopefully still laugh, only this time it will be at the way the story was told, rather than your misfortune. You might even get a few rounds of sympathetic ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aah’s’, not to mention numerous requests to touch that big old lump on the top of your head.

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