How to live your dreams without any fears

During the journey of life, people chase their desires and dreams. They really want to fulfill their wishes but often fears step in and they find themselves losing control of the situation. Dreams and desires are of vital importance to our existence and our lives revolve around them.

”Too many of us are not living our [intlink id=”200″ type=”post”]dreams[/intlink] because we are living our fears.” ~Les Brown

The above statement is undeniably true as most of the time we are surrounded by fears, fears of losing our dreams and not being able to fulfill our desires. On the other hand, looking back in history we can see that some of the greatest stories have been materialized by those who were able to break free of those fears and achieve complete freedom. Maybe this is the secret of how to achieve our dreams in spite of being surrounded by fears.  All we need to do is find that small whole that will take us to a new world where there are no fears.

In order to live our life to the fullest, we need to learn how to control our fears, get over them and make a great story out of it. Perhaps the biggest fear we have in our minds is the [intlink id=”736″ type=”post”]fear of failure[/intlink] and this is what prevents most of us from taking risks. We do not want to risk our relationships, jobs or money. Most people want to walk on safe and secure grounds and to avoid any failures or tragedies in their lives. So how can we follow our dreams in a world surrounded by fears?

The first and most important step is to choose to face the fears. If we look around, we will see many fearless people. They are fearless not because they never had any fears in their lives but because they have learnt to overcome their fears. For example, if they feared speaking in public, they arranged public speakings until their fear was gone.  And if they feared leaving their current job although they were not satisfied, they just did it.  These highly successful people acknowledge fear in their lives and still learn to live fearlessly despite the fear.

Here are some simple guidelines that can help you get control over your fears and live your dreams.

Acknowledge your fears

Rather than sweeping all your fears under the carpet and not admitting their existence, gather some courage and learn to face them. Release them out into the open rather than keeping them buried deep inside you. Look straight into the eye of the fear and discuss openly about it.  Learn to face your fears and you will discover that many of the fears that developed around you are actually baseless.

Recognize your fear as normal

It is normal and acceptable to have fears and you should accept that these fears are there for a reason. Fears warn us when to move cautiously and guide us in avoiding dangers. However, we need to evaluate how rational our fear is and whether there is a logical reasoning behind it. In that way we can determine the severity of the danger, the risks involved and whether we should trust or face our fear.

Reach to the source of your fear

Find out the root cause of your fear and where it comes from. This will help you see the clear picture of your fear which is very often different from what you originally thought. Consider all the limitations caused by your fear and evaluate whether it is worth sacrificing all these moments because of your fear. Then you will understand that your fear is not as bad as it seems to be.

Think without your fear

You can start by dreaming without the fear. Imagine how you would behave if your fear was not there. Look back in your life and remember those situations where you moved ahead and you were successful although your fear was there. Take a small step at a time and start practicing living your life without your fears. Now that you have accepted your fears, it is time to try to step out of your comfort zone, gain the confidence to walk over your fears and gather the courage to do what you have to do.

Most of us are not living, as we are stuck with our fears and we let our dreams be wasted. We all come across those ‘EUREKA’ moments sometimes in our lives but we hardly ever notice them, as we are too obsessed with our fears. Fear of failure discourages us from taking unknown paths. And it is the fear of the unknown that keeps our feet and dreams without the wings they desire. However, it is better to try and fail rather than live with the feeling of not having tried at all.

Once you start thinking as if your fears are not there and you actually learn to control them, then you will have developed a strong belief system. And it won’t be long before you turn these beliefs into words and these words into actions. And these actions will not suffer from fears or negative emotions. You will soon be congratulating yourself for bringing into your reality your values, words and actions in order to accomplish your goal.

Stop wasting your energy by simply talking about your dreams. Instead, go ahead and [intlink id=”260″ type=”post”]chase your vision by living your dreams[/intlink]. You have already spent enough time talking about your dreams and how to overcome your fears. Now is the right time to put these words into action. Go ahead and break those shackles of fears holding you back and live the life of your dreams.

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