How To Explain Those Awkward Pictures

Flip through any family photo album and you are sure to run a cross a few pictures that you simply wish would vanish from trace. There are a number of reasons why we may look at old photographs with more than just a little trace of embarrassment. More often than not it’s because we are dressed in styles that look ridiculous, or are sporting hairstyles that are an absolute sight to behold. When you think about it, though, there really is no reason to be ashamed of how you looked back then. The reality is that the clothes and hairstyles you are seen sporting in those pictures were all perfectly normal back then, and they only look out of place now because time has moved on. There are also some people that are ashamed of how they looked back then. It may be that they were heavier, had bad acne, or were just something of an ugly duckling. There is nothing that can be changed about that particular moment in time that was captured on camera, so it’s best just to embrace and instead focus on where you are now.


Things get a little trickier in the photo department when it comes time to leaf through old pictures with your current partner. You can almost guarantee that there is going to be a least one or two snaps in there of you with an old flame. This can be incredibly awkward, especially when your current love starts questioning you about the pictures and asking why you are still holding on to them. It really is unfair to be hit with such a line of questioning, especially since all of the pictures were taken before you met the person you are currently with. Just because you have a few old photographs with former partners on there doesn’t mean you are still carrying a flame for them. In all likelihood, the pictures were kept because they were a memory of a fun trip or other great experience that you had in your life. The other person in the pictures is basically secondary to your story, which is probably the best way to explain it.


Harder to explain are those pictures that you took with your partner that have you both in somewhat uncompromising positions. The advent of smartphones that take great pictures seems to have driven people to snap shots of themselves in various stages of undress. The internet is littered with websites that post those unsavory pictures, although they are usually on the lookout for celebrity shots, as opposed to an average guy or girl. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with taking pictures of that sort, but you do need to be careful about where they are stored. Leaving them on your phone means that there is always a chance you might accidentally show them off when you are scrolling through other pictures. If you do want to take those types of pictures, put them in a place where only you and your partner can have access to them.

naked photos

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The most awkward of all pictures to try and explain away are those that are usually found on your computer, and which don’t include you or your partner. I am of course talking about explicit pictures downloaded from the internet for your own personal use, to put it politely. Having someone, particularly a spouse, stumble across such a collection can be very difficult to explain away. The spouse usually feels as though you are looking at those pictures because you are no longer attracted to them or that they are somehow falling short in satisfying you. That usually isn’t the case at all, but it can be an uphill battle to try and get that point across.



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