How to eliminate your nightmares and have a good night’s sleep

eliminate nightmares

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Do you dread going to bed at night due to your fear that you might have an awful nightmare and all the horror that will come with it? Are you feeling as if your nightly pursuit of pleasant dreams is being hijacked by ghastly nightmares? If your answer to these questions is yes, then the following tips should help you regain your peace of mind and promote pleasant dreams.

9 Tips and hints to eliminate your nightmares

  • Eliminate Stress constant worry or anxiety is what causes the majority of sleeping disorders such as insomnia and nightmares. If you wish to limit your nightmares, the first step is finding a way to relieve your stress and anxiety before you go to bed- meditation is highly recommended as it helps with soothing your nerves and calming the mind.
    eliminate stress

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  • Make a to-do list when the end of the day approaches, humans tend to fret and worry about what they had planned to do during the day and what they actually managed to do. Additionally, they think about all the pending things that need to be done the following day and they worry that they might forget some of them. All these thoughts lead to severe anxiety. Thus, by making a to-do list the mind can rest since the thought will be written down in an organized tangible form and there is no way that it will be forgotten. This will set your mind free from worries and help you sleep peacefully instead of getting overwhelmed with all these stressful thoughts.
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  • Have a hot shower to calm your mind: try aromatherapy to relax the body and mind. The soothing and relaxing scent will help you feel at ease and you will find that all your worries will vanish as you slip into a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Try to keep away from spicy and fatty foods and avoid eating late at night as these can cause excess congestion or gastrointestinal upset and thus lead to increased nightmares.
  • If you suffer from a recurring nightmare, then keep a journal where you post its pattern. Try to [intlink id=”222″ type=”post”]understand how the nightmare may relate to your current situation[/intlink] and once you find the link, consider ways of overcoming the related fear in your real life. You can also think and plan how you will act in your nightmare if it occurs again.
    keep a dream journal

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  • When you go to bed, stop thinking and focus your mind on your breathing – 15 minutes of this exercise will help you relax and feel secure.
  • Avoid recreational drugs, caffeine and nicotine as it has been found that they produce vivid nightmares.
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  • Try to adopt a sleeping pattern by going to bed the same time every day.
  • Avoid watching horror movies or getting involved in emotionally intense situations before going to bed. Instead, listen to a relaxation music cd or read a spiritual book.
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