How to discover adventures close to your home


When you think of crazy adventures, your mind drifts to far off lands and exotic locales that you know you will probably never see in your lifetime ([intlink id=”1157″ type=”post”]top 10 most adventurous places[/intlink]). It’s hard to imagine that such excitement as can be found in deserts or on mountaintops can exist in your own backyard, but they can, especially if you can rethink exactly what a crazy adventure should consist of. The reality is that adventures don’t have to be extreme acts of physical endurance or courage and can actually be as simple as doing something that would ordinarily be totally out of character for you ([intlink id=”1139″ type=”post”]Great results can come from crazy adventures[/intlink]).

Setting of on a crazy adventure could be as simple as hitting the highway in your car with no destination in mind. While that may not sound overly exciting, it can actually work out great if you have a GPS unit in your car or on your mobile phone. You can simply take whatever exits you feel like, occasionally hitting the ‘points of interest’ button on your GPS. This will reveal all kinds of places that are close by that you might ordinarily never have found out about. It’s amazing how many cool new places you can discover when you leave the area that you are familiar with and go exploring. You also never have to worry about getting lost as your GPS will always help you find your way home again.

There are a ton of crazy adventures that you can get involved in without traveling very far from home, with many of your options depending on what is in your surrounding area ([intlink id=”1221″ type=”post”]top 10 greatest adventures ever[/intlink]). If you are in a city or town that is close to a big theme park, then get a little adventurous by going on all the thrill rides that you would ordinarily avoid. They are a ton of fun, and once you get over your fear of going on that first one, you’ll be desperate to get on them all in a single visit.

If you live close to the ocean or a particularly large lake, take a look and see what kind of water sports are available in the area. Your adventure might consist of a fast ride aboard a speedboat, paragliding, water skiing, or maybe even scuba diving. These are all things that might not be considered crazy by many people’s standards, but they are more than crazy for most. Having an adventure is all about getting out of your comfort zone and tackling something different. For example, if you live in a mountainous area, then invest in a pair of hiking boots and some camping gear and go do a little exploring. You don’t have to climb a mountain with ropes and other equipment in order to have a cool adventure.

If you take the time to really do a little research to see what’s in the area around your city or town, you are likely to find all sorts of things that you never knew existed. Larger cities have a ton of small airports in and around the city, many of which will offer skydiving lessons and jumps. If that seems a little too extreme, then consider seeing your area from above by taking a hot air balloon ride. Many folks aren’t aware that these types of adventure opportunities exist where they live, simply because they have never really taken the time to actively seek them out. Who knows, you may even find a bunch of these places when you go on your mystery drive that we spoke about at the start of this piece.

The great thing about adventures is that they can be as exciting as you deem them to be. Where some folks need the thrill of a bungee jump or hopping out of an airplane to get their adrenaline fix, you might simply be content with having an adventure at a new restaurant with foreign cuisine. Your adventure there could be ordering something off the menu without knowing what it really is. That is something that even the most extreme of folks might consider to be a crazy adventure.

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