How to become part of one of the coolest stories your friends have ever heard

We have all at one time or another stood around and listened as a friend recounted a story so awesome, that it makes everyone in attendance wish they had somehow been a part of that tale ([intlink id=”1035″ type=”post”]the art of storytelling[/intlink]). If that has happened to you then you probably had a moment where you felt a real surge of jealousy or just imagined stealing the story so that you could pass it off as your own. The problem with that idea is that those great stories often come while the person was doing something that would be completely out of character for you. If you did try to pass it off as your own, it would probably be completely obvious to anyone that halfway knows you that it simply couldn’t have happened the way in which you said.

Everyone wants to be able to impress their friends ([intlink id=”1098″ type=”post”]why do people make up stories to impress others[/intlink]), but if the most exciting thing you do each day is drive to work, they aren’t likely to believe you when you tell a great story about the time your chute wouldn’t open when you were skydiving ([intlink id=”1108″ type=”post”]signs that the story you are listening isn\’t real[/intlink]). If you really do want to be the one amongst your group of friends that tells the most exciting stories, then you are probably going to have to change the way that you do things quite a bit. What it boils down to is basically being able to tell ordinary, everyday stories of your life in a way that sounds far more exciting than it really is, or actually getting off your behind and going out and doing something interesting.

If you aren’t really the adventurous type, you may be better off simply trying to get a little bit more colorful when describing the events of your day. That will likely mean polishing up on your storytelling skills by listening to those that have incredible tales to tell. If you listen closely, you’ll probably find that the stories themselves are pretty basic, but the way in which they are told make them great. Pay attention to the things that those people say and do when they tell a cool story and try to incorporate some of that into yours. That should be enough to keep your friends entertained for a little while, but it’s not likely to be enough to make them wish they were there or believe that you are the coolest person that ever lived.

In order to achieve that accolade you are probably going to have to step out of character and do something really bold. That doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and do the first crazy stunt that comes to mind, but what it does mean is that you should deviate from your regular daily routine and try something different. If you really want to spring an awesome surprise story on your friends then arrange to do something cool without them even knowing about it. Take a look around your area and see if there is an event or activity that you would otherwise never think about doing. Maybe you actually could go skydiving, or maybe whitewater rafting is more up to your speed. Pick a crazy adventure that is close to home and go do it, making sure to pack your camera with you. It’s like I said earlier, if you spring that surprise story on your friends and it’s completely out of character, you’d better have some photographic evidence to back it up. Once your friends see and hear how you stepped out of your comfort zone for the sake of a good story, you can bet they’ll wish that they had been a part of it.

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