How is our perception connected to reality? 

There are little moments that take place in your daily life, many of which are trivial and meaningless, but which chisel away at your foundation and create your own unique view of the world. This happens to every single person, which means that what you and they believe to be real may actually be very different, and that is based on perception.

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The way in which we perceive the things around us are based on our beliefs and past experiences, which is something that no-one else in the world can replicate 100%.  For example, you may have developed a fear of flying because of an unpleasant past experience on a plane that now makes flying totally out of the question for you. Reality would suggest that air travel is the safest way to get from place to place, but your perception is that it is completely unsafe, all because of that life-altering moment you experienced earlier.

What we believe to be real is in a constant state of flux, especially since science seems to discover new things on a daily basis that challenge what we believe. You can choose to take this new information at face value and choose it to alter the way in which you perceive things. On the flipside, you can dispute those scientific claims, especially if they run counter to your faith or your already established views of what you perceive to be real. These are all things that cannot only alter your present reality, but which might also make you change direction in a way that leads you to a new version of your future.