How Actors Choose Their Roles, Only To See It All Go Wrong

There is nothing quite like getting away from it all for a couple of hours to sit in a darkened theater and watch a movie. We all have our favorite genres and actors, and when they come together for an upcoming release, the excitement is almost palpable. When the trailer comes along, that excitement level get a whole lot higher, until it reaches the point where we simply cannot wait for that upcoming release date. We have all experienced that at one time or another, and unfortunately we have also experienced the crushing disappointment of when that movie ends up being a steaming pile of nonsense.

I know that I have personally walked away from the movie theater wondering what the heck everyone must have been thinking when they got together to make that movie. It makes me wonder where it all went wrong, especially when a big name star at the height of their career chooses to star in the movie. You really do begin to wonder what would make an actor associate themselves with the final piece, but oftentimes the damage is done after the camera’s stop rolling. The great actor Ewan McGregor once said this about choosing the roles that he does:

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“The most important thing is the script. The story. That has to come above and beyond any other factor when I decide to make a film, because I have to be connected to it. When you’re reading a great novel and you don’t want the book to end, I want that feeling when I read the script. And I want to see myself in the character that I am reading for, by the time I get to the end of the script.”

It’s a cool story that pulls us all in and makes us want to see the movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s a heartfelt drama we are going to see, or an action-packed summer blockbuster; there has to be a great story to hold it all together and make it worthwhile. What Mr. McGregor says makes perfect sense and makes you realize that for a movie to go horribly wrong there must be a serious mistake made in the way that it is told. It may be crummy effects that take away from the story, or perhaps some shoddy editing that makes a great yarn somehow lose all semblance of meaning.

This photo is copyright (c) 2013 and made available under wikimedia commons licenseIt’s not always the fault of the people who get hold of that story, though, as some stories, especially those taken from popular books, are just tough to translate to screen. Stephen King is arguably one of the most successful author’s ever, but taking those cool stories to the silver screen has proven to be incredibly difficult, with all but a couple even coming close to the greatness of the original material. You then have to ask if it’s that perhaps you are expecting too much when you go to see an adaptation of a story that you love so much. There are always changes made and scenes cut that you wish would have made it into the movie, which usually always leads to disappointment. It would be easy to say that some books should be left alone and never taken to the screen, but then we would all miss out on those moments when it’s all done right and those cool stories turn into movie magic.

I can’t speak for all actors or all movie buffs, but it would appear that we all choose the movies we do because we somehow connect with the story it is setting out to tell. I’m sure that actors that take part in those horrible movies are just as disappointed as we are when the story they so fell in love with doesn’t turn out the way they had imagined. Of course, they still get paid millions to take part in the fiasco, while the rest of us are out the price of a ticket, a large soda, and a jumbo popcorn.

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