Hidden and unperceived psychological complexes

hidden psychological complex

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The following story of Andrew – a 21 years old British college student who thought he suffered from a voice complex – should be enlightening and help you realize the interrelationship between complexes and the fact that sometimes our real complex is far from what we think it is. Please read carefully, connecting the story with your complexes and try to discover your own shadow complex:

unperceived psychological complex

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Soon I started feeling ashamed of this issue and the thought that my voice is thin and low was growing bigger every day. I would speak in a very low tone when I would be out with my friends because I thought that in that way people will not notice the thinness of my voice. However, the result was that people would usually not hear me and ask me to repeat what I just said or they would complain to me that I speak so lowly that they cannot hear me!

This issue rapidly became an obsession to me. Whenever I saw people whispering and giggling around me, I thought it was about my voice. My complex was growing even bigger as I was realizing that in our society an alpha male has a strong and powerful voice. I started wishing I had such a voice but the dream seemed very distant…

It was 3 years ago that I decided I eventually had to do something about it since I was getting emotionally wrecked. I decided to take a Public Speaking class so I learnt how to ‘project’ my voice and make it sound stronger. I was very excited about my new voice and eager to present it to my parents and friends. Although I could project my voice to my parents, every time I would find myself in front of a group of friends I could not stop myself from speaking in my natural thin and low tone.

voice psychological complex

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It was after a while that I heard about speech therapists and I decided to visit one. My therapist explained to me that there is nothing wrong with my voice but he agreed to design a personalized voice-strengthening program for me since I insisted so much. I followed the program doing all the exercises for 3 months and I often found myself trying to push my voice from my diaphragm or even shouting in my car! And soon I could notice the result listening to the recordings that I was making of myself speaking. Within the next 2 years I also took different types of singing classes and read various books on voice tonality. I had decided that I would do anything to get over my complex since I thought that by overcoming this issue, many pleasant changes would come in my life. However, it was strange and disappointing to see that all my development and efforts would fade away and be forgotten whenever I would be around people, especially around my friends…

Only when I was 20 years old I decided to speak for the first time to one of my friends about my complex and how it made me feel. My friend was very surprised and told me sincerely that he would have never noticed it and that my voice sounds normal! At the beginning I thought it was my friend’s way of confronting me but finally I realized that he is not lying! That was an awakening experience for me and many things started clicking in my mind…

free from psychological complex

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