Great results can come from crazy adventures


We are fortunate to live in a world that has so rapidly advanced in a relatively short period of time. Sure the planet may be billions of years old, but the human race isn’t, and that we have come so far in that time is down to the willingness of men and women to test the limits of their brains and their bravery in order to make things better for their fellow human beings. Many of the things that we take for granted today actually came about because folks were brave enough to set out on journeys that most of us would think of as crazy adventures ([intlink id=”1221″ type=”post”]top 10 extreme adventures[/intlink]). We are all given the opportunity to excel because someone that came before us was bold enough to find the tools to help us do so.

You think back to all the brave explorers who took to the high seas in order to discover new lands and map the oceans. There was a time when many believed that the world was flat and that anyone who dared travel too far would simply fall off the edge. How many of you would have been willing to hop on board a ship to prove that theory wrong? Probably not very many, yet there were men who did so willingly, opening up new trade routes and discovering brave new worlds that would allow the people of that time to expand their minds and borders.

We now know exactly how our world is laid out thanks to those brave explorers, but there were still people who came after them who wanted to do more. Much of that became finding new ways to travel which would be faster and more efficient. Thousands of men died laying the tracks for the railroads that would eventually cross the entire nation, while others took to the skies in an attempt at flight. It is in that particular area where we have perhaps advanced the most quickly, with long haul flights now a regular daily ritual in only a few short years after the Wright Brothers first took to the skies.

It was likely being up in the air that prompted man to start thinking about what lay beyond our planet. Incredibly brave test pilots began to test the boundaries of flight and it was only a matter of time before the race for space began. It must have been an incredible leap of faith for those first astronauts and cosmonauts to strap themselves into what was basically the equivalent of a rocket fuelled tin can and believing that they would somehow make it back alive. Space flight is also now commonplace, with those early adventurers paving the way for us to learn about the solar system in which our little blue and green planet sits.

There are people out there that take extraordinary risks every day so that they may somehow help further our already incredible knowledge base. Scientists take to the oceans and jungles of the world to try and find new species of animals and plant life that may somehow hold the answers to illnesses that we are as of yet unable to cure. They travel to areas that none of us would ever dare ([intlink id=”1157″ type=”post”]top 10 most adventurous places[/intlink]), with very few of them doing so to become famous. They do it so that they can somehow make a difference, and while many of us look at the things that they do and the places that they visit as crazy, we also realize that our world would be a much different place of it wasn’t for those that had the courage to go there.

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