Get Rid Of Your Secret Trauma Once And For All

psychological trauma

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Throughout the course of your life you will be subjected to sights and experiences that will stay with you until the day you die. While many of these will be happy memories that you are glad to hold onto, there may very well be a few that you would just as soon forget. Unfortunately, the human mind seems to be incapable of getting rid of those images, holding on to them as tightly as it does to the things that we want to remember. If you hold on to and obsess over the traumas in your life, there is a very good chance that they will eat away at you, breaking you down to the point where that negative image or memory becomes all that you can think about. That in turn can lead to all manner of health issues that can drag you down to the grave if you allow them to.


Getting the bad memories out

memories from trauma

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One of the biggest sources of personal trauma is a negative experience during the childhood years. This often comes in the form of abuse or neglect that can turn a happy child into a very unhappy adult over the course of time. It’s a breaking down of the spirit that is hard to stop, especially since children often feel powerless at the hands of adults. There are threats of violence if the child ever tells that will stay with them long after the threat has been rendered moot. That memory can make it difficult for a person to open up and talk about what happened, but it’s a step that really has to be taken in order for the healing process to begin.


There are a few ways to get the trauma out in the open and on the way to being dispelled. The first of those comes with confronting the person who did the damage and letting them know the effect that it had on you. If that person has not really changed over the years, it may fall on deaf ears, but at least the secret will be out and the burden somewhat lifted. There is also the option of simply talking to a trusted friend or family member who will be more than willing to lend a shoulder for you to cry on. The act of speaking personal trauma aloud can be incredibly cathartic, but it is not always enough to remove the pain completely. It is then that you really need to consider seeking professional help in order to rid yourself of trauma. This will give you the opportunity to talk openly about what happened, without fear of judgment of any kind. A professional psychiatrist can easily get to the heart of all that ails and then help steer you down a path towards a better tomorrow, free from pain.


Problems in later years

parent death

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Another issue that often causes feelings of real pain is when a parent passes. There are many people that try to act as the rock of the family, locking away their own pain and then taking on a large amount of everyone else’s. This is a totally unhealthy practice, and one that needs to be avoided at all costs. The pain should be shared, with everyone taking a turn at propping up the other members of the family. If you can’t talk to the people you love about how you are feeling, then you may not be able to talk to anyone. There will still be lingering pain, long after the passing, but focusing on the good things that person brought into your life can lessen that trauma to a great degree.



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