• At which age do people stop looking forward to their birthdays? [myo_poll poll=3031 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Would you rather be more wealthy or more attractive? [myo_poll poll=3032 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Do you believe in spirits and/or ghosts? [myo_poll poll=3033 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Do you consider yourself fun? [myo_poll poll=3034 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• If you could have one of these super powers, which one would it be? [myo_poll poll=3035 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Does a child need two parents of different genders to be raised correctly? [myo_poll poll=3042 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• If you were granted one of the following wishes, which one would you chose? [myo_poll poll=3043 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Gangnam style or Harlem shake? [myo_poll poll=3044 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Who would you rather meet? [myo_poll poll=3045 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Would you most likely surrender to blackmail or bribery? [myo_poll poll=3046 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Are you religious, agnostic or an atheist? [myo_poll poll=3047 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• What is your opinion of homosexuals? [myo_poll poll=3048 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• At which age did you have your first date? [myo_poll poll=3049 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• How do you feel today? [myo_poll poll=3050 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• What makes you most happy? [myo_poll poll=3051 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Who lies more? [myo_poll poll=3052 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Have you ever…? [myo_poll poll=3053 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Would you rather date your actual crush or celebrity crush? [myo_poll poll=3054 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Sex or love? [myo_poll poll=3055 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]
• Werewolves vs Vampires? [myo_poll poll=3056 type = “bar” perc = “yes”]



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