Fears and phobias of Big Name Celebrities

Perhaps it’s because we see movie stars on the big screen that we imagine them to be that much larger than life. We seldom if ever get to see them out in the real world, so we don’t really have any idea of what their lives are like on a day to day basis. It’s all of those things that leads us to believe that celebrities are somehow not like us in any way at all, but the truth is that they are just ordinary people that happen to have extraordinary jobs. They have many of the same problems as we do, and many of them actually have the exact same [intlink id=”695″ type=”post”]fears[/intlink]. Even those big name action stars that kill bad guys on the silver screen actually have a fear of getting on planes, or of the big spider that comes crawling into their home ([intlink id=”736″ type=”post”]top 10 most common fears and phobias[/intlink]).

What makes things even worse for celebrities is that these fears are often played out in the tabloids and TV entertainment shows of the world, and all for the satisfaction of the reader or the viewer. Where the majority of us can hide or fears or keep them private, celebrities have them displayed as headlines in the local paper. You have probably heard of the sports star that is afraid to fly to games that are played far away, or of the singer that develops an almost debilitating terror when they have to go out on stage and perform before their fans ([intlink id=”1248″ type=”post”]how fear can inspire greatness[/intlink]). It’s a horrible loss of privacy, but it sure is fun to hear of the fears that they hold, so let’s take a look at a few famous ones.

While you might expect celebrities to have quirky fears and phobia, they all pretty much fall into line with the things that us average folks don’t like. Bugs are at the top of the list for many people, including celebrities. Scarlett Johansson does not like cockroaches, and Justin Timberlake lists spiders as one of the things that give him the creeps.

There are fears which many of us think of as irrational, which may explain why we don’t always speak them aloud. One of those odd fears that many people hold is a fear of clowns. They are always a big hot at the circus, but there is just something about them that seems to set people on edge, even before the days of Stephen King’s “IT” with Pennywise the killer clown. Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe have both admitted to having a fear of clowns, with Depp even going as far as admitting that he imagines something a lot more sinister hiding beneath the colorful face paint.


What’s funny is that celebrity’s will sometimes hold fears that somewhat go against what they do and the roles that they have played. Stephen King once spoke about making sure his feet never hang off the end of the bed, just in case someone under the bed grabs his toes. And then there is Sarah Michelle Gellar who made a name for herself hunting vampires on television. She claims to be deathly afraid of graveyards, even though it would appear she is armed with the skills to take care of any creature, living or dead, that might choose to pop out at her. Another celebrity that falls into this category is singer Ray Lamontagne, who is so afraid of appearing live on stage he used to regularly perform with his back to the audience. His success would make it appear as though the audiences didn’t mind, just so long as they could hear his voice ([intlink id=”666″ type=”post”]how to live your dreams without any fears[/intlink]).

As you can see, celebrities really aren’t all that different from us when it comes to the things that they fear. So the next time you feel a little silly about screaming like a fool when you see that little spider in the bathtub, just remember that someone rich and famous is probably reacting the exact same way at that very moment.

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