Dream interpretation – the window to your soul

Dream interpretation

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‘’Dreams are symbolic in order that they cannot be understood; in order that the wish, which is the source of the dream, may remain unknown’’ ~ Carl Jung


Interpretation of dreams was used for many centuries by kings and warriors to plan attacks to their enemies and [intlink id=”1303″ type=”post”]predict the future[/intlink]. Priests, magicians and people who had the ability to interpret dreams were considered divine and were extremely powerful at their time. In the modern world of computers and technology, dream interpretation is rarely used to guide futures and destinies but it is believed to represent a window to our inner soul. The scenery of a dream consists of many symbols, each one relating to a different memory, feeling, wish or something from our unconscious finding its way to the surface. Below is a list of the most common, popular and weird dreams that have been studied and interpreted:

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what do dreams mean

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Dreams take place while the mind and brain are at rest or in the process of seeking rest. Dream interpreters explain that a [intlink id=”200″ type=”post”]dream[/intlink] is an escape valve from pressure and feelings that are overwhelming the dreamer. For example, the loss or the absence of a loved one produces dreams where this person might be present and the dreamer can speak and interact with this person. This can provide pain relief when the person wakes up.


A common belief is that another dimension exists where the dead or their energies reside, waiting to return to this world. These souls or energies are there to help and protect us from evil or from circumstances beyond our control. Dreams form the communication path with these entities that try to protect us and guide us in our decisions and plans. In such cases, dream interpretation is necessary in order to understand the real meaning of the dream and expert knowledge should be sought.


Dream communications

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Another popular belief is that dreams are the way our body communicates with itself. That is body with brain, brain with soul and soul with body. Dreams are the way our soul perceives things and the way it tries to help improve circumstances. When we dream that we get hurt or something hurts, in many occasions we will soon get sick and need medical treatment. When we [intlink id=”254″ type=”post”]dream of traveling[/intlink], it does not necessarily mean we will go somewhere in the near future but it could mean that there will soon be changes in our environment, job, activities, etc.


Dreams of death are interpreted differently and they usually have to be studied in a larger context. [intlink id=”243″ type=”post”]Death in a dream[/intlink] could imply extreme health problems for the person or someone in his close environment. It could also indicate radical changes in your current life style, for example a job secondment to a distant city where you will be alone.


Experts in dream interpretation have different approaches and opinions about the meaning of dreams that vary based on what the dreamer says and how he perceives the dream. Moreover, the meaning of a dream may change depending on its nature and development. Dream interpretation is a complex process and misinterpretation may occur if the dreamer forgets or leaves something out. Usually people try to explain their dreams using a subjective approach, focusing mainly on the positive indicators and often irrationally connecting and translating its different parts.



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