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There are few creatures on this Earth that conjure up negative images like snakes do. There is something about those scaly bodies, their beady black eyes, flicking tongue, and slippery movements that just make them creepy. Throw in the fact that the snake was used as one of the symbol of evil in the Bible and you have a creature that is just not well liked. The very sight of one is enough to send people running in the opposite direction, but that’s not so easy to do when those wriggly beasts show up in your dreams. Snakes are very common in the dream world, so let’s take a look at what it might mean if they should show up when you fall asleep tonight.


Snakes In Your Dreams Are Not All Bad

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The biblical history of the snake, combined with their appearance tends to make them be perceived as evil in the animal kingdom. Having a snake show up in your dream, though, does not mean that you are being warned of some unseen evil or that you are about to commit a heinous act. The reality is that the meanings behind the serpent are a little more complex, and can in fact have positive effects too. It has long been thought that the snake is delivered in dreams by the subconscious, with it being used for wisdom as opposed to pure evil. Serpents have long been considered the perfect blend between those two things, but what does that mean in terms of what you are dreaming about?


Like most dreams, the appearance of a snake, or any other symbol for that matter, has to be placed in context with the rest of the dream. It could be as a simple as your mind making you face your fears by throwing in a creature that is universally reviled and looked at with total distaste. There is usually a deeper meaning, though, when snakes makes an appearance, and it is considered by many dream experts to be a sign that your unconscious is trying to get a message through to you.


When Do Snakes Usually Appear In Dreams?

The appearance of snakes in a dream is often misinterpreted as a nightmare because of the way they are most commonly found in the sleep world. People who dream of snakes have usually just gone through a difficult period in their life from which they need to heal. They will often view the snake as a symbol of the fear that they feel, but in fact it is the mind letting them know that the time for healing is now. It is your unconscious letting you know that it’s time to let go of the pain and move on with your life, to make that transition from darkness to light once more. That may not make the appearance of a snake any less distressing when it happens, but it should serve as some kind of comfort once you become aware that the healing process is about to begin.

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While the representation of transformation and change is how the snake is most commonly viewed in dreams, there is another symbol it represents that is a little different. The snake is often viewed as phallic in nature when seen in a dream, which may be a sign of some hidden desire that is trying to make its way out. That does not mean that it has to be something sexual in nature, and can simply be something that you really want, yet are afraid to pursue or speak aloud. As you can see, the snake may not be the most popular beast to run across in the wild, but in your dreams it can actually be a sign of something good to come.



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